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:: Tuesday, June 29, 2004 ::

Pro-Woman, "Pro-Choice"? Uh... better think again.

Abortion business lawyer (and Male At Large) says women don't need to know the health risks associated with abortion.

To borrow a phrase from Barry and Levon, "Don't you worry your pretty little head about it; it ain't your concern."

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"Veterinarian hospitals are subject to more state regulations than your average abortion clinic."

Sorry for the generic posts, but I've got a baby to cuddle. No way am I hanging out here!

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:: Monday, June 28, 2004 ::
INCREDIBLE pictures of gestating children...

:: ashli 10:35 PM # ::
Billboards say abortion is the number one killer of black children, and the BILLBOARDS, not abortion, are called racist!

Life in bizarro world...

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:: Saturday, June 26, 2004 ::
Usher remix condones violence against pregnant women and gestating children:

"Pray that she abort that,
If she's talkin' 'bout keepin' it /
One hit to the stomach,
She's leakin' it."

Evidently, beating up a woman and aborting her child against her will is in fashion.

:: ashli 11:43 PM # ::
Yet another action item. Excerpt from an email:

"Maybe *** is an angel. Maybe I am "entertaining him unawares." I just know this little meek, 62-year-old guy aches for these unborn children who are slaughtered weekly all over town. He goes to all the abortion business and prays and agonizes the rest of the time over these murders. I don't notice. Nobody does. *** is easy to ignore.

Today he asked me when the bio-waste trucks pick up the babies. Gave him what I thought would be the best way to find out. You see, *** *** wants to give them a prayerful vigil as they are carted away. It's a chore for me to find out.

He asks those going in to abort their children today if they would care to see a suction abortion. The rest of us stick the pix in their faces. He ASKS...He makes his own signs... Only the Lord knows how great his impact is....

He has no computer. Would you like to encourage a super guy in this battle???

[ Write the SICLE Cell for his address. ]

He often hands me check for "gas." If he is an angel, I am sure thankful for his presence with me on this arduous journey..."

Sounds like a really nice guy. I'm so thankful for those who actually get up off their butts to DO something, whether it's writing a senator, writing a check or standing on a sidewalk doing the only thing they know how to do to try and rescue others from heartache and death. Why do they care?

Whatever it is, we're lucky that they do.

Those going in may see them as a curse, but those who cradle their children having turned away from death at the eleventh hour... well, those extraordinarily fortunate people know that people like the 62-year-old man from the excerpt above are a blessing.

:: ashli 3:19 PM # ::
:: Friday, June 25, 2004 ::
Here's an email from another "sidewalk counselor" friend who is helping a woman who delivered her baby in the "sidewalk counselor's" car last Friday!!!:

"Hi Everyone,

I was just thinking last night about *** and her brand new baby girl, ***, and her 2 year old daughter, ***. *** is a young woman from Barbardos whom we met at the clinic when she was trying to abort her baby at almost 5 months. In case you hadn’t heard, I was with her last Friday morning when her baby was born in my car! *** and her 2 girls are living with her sister-in-law and the sister-in-law’s boyfriend, and their 2 children. *** and her 2 daughters share a bedroom in this tiny, but neat, apartment. The beginning of August the sister-in-law’s 15 year old son is coming to live with them, as well. So *** and her daughters will need to find another place to live.

When this baby arrived on Friday, *** was totally unprepared - no clothes, diapers, car seat, nothing. The father of the baby (not her husband, from whom she is separated) stepped forward, thank God, and bought a car seat for his daughter. He had given *** the money for the abortion, but when she decided to keep the baby, he was totally against her giving it up for adoption. At this point we don’t know how involved he’s going to be in ***'s and his new baby’s life.

I’ve been buying her the things she needs immediately for herself and the baby, but there’s going to be so much else she needs in the future. She doesn’t drive, doesn’t have a job or much education. She is not a believer - YET!

Anyway, I was thinking about how so many people we meet at the clinic think all we care about is saving babies’ lives, and that once they leave, we forget all about them. (And don’t we sometimes? May God forgive AND CHANGE us.) We need to remember that the reason most of them are choosing abortion is because their problems are so huge they don’t see any other way out except to kill their babies.

And I was just wondering if we could just heap blessing upon blessing on my little friend, ***, and her children. Wouldn’t that be fun? I thought about hosting a shower, but she’s just so shy, and I don’t think she would want me to do that.

So, do any of you have anything you’d like to contribute to ***, to let her know you’re grateful she chose to give this baby the most precious gift of all - LIFE? Because she doesn’t have much room in her apartment, large items wouldn’t be helpful right now. I got her a bouncy seat for the baby and a car seat for the 2 year old, and she already had a crib. But clothes, (I got her some newborn stuff; so probably 3 months and older would be good - although the baby is tiny, only about 6 lb. 5 oz. right now), a diaper bag, a baby photo album, diapers, wipes, things for her 2-year-old - mostly anything like that would be appreciated. The formula will be covered by WIC once we get her in for an appt. For now we’re having to buy it (Good Start, the pink can). Something I think she would really appreciate would be cards and letters, thanking her for keeping her baby and encouraging her as a young mom with a lot of responsibility and not many options. Of course, money would be wonderful, too, along with gift certificates (McDonald’s or Winn Dixie). I’m praying she will come to church with me soon - I’ve invited her often, but she is very shy. So please pray for her salvation most of all.

I will be at the clinic this Saturday and the next (METRO’S DAY!) from 6:30 to 9:30, so if you have anything for her, you can get it to me then. Of course, Metro people can get stuff to me or my family at church on Sunday. I would just love to bless *** with a big bag of baby gifts (new or used, but in good shape) and cards and letters from Christians, to bless her and her little family. (FYI, her little 2 year old cousin, ***, also lives there - adorable, and would appreciate a doll baby or new outfit.) Please don’t feel any pressure to participate; I’ve never done anything like this before and I may be going about it all wrong. Would it be appropriate to include receipts for things that she might receive duplicates of, like diaper bags, baby bath tubs, etc.?

Thank you for your prayers and concern, for rejoicing with us at the miraculous birth of this precious baby, and for your commitment to spreading the Gospel and loving the lost. May God richly bless each of you, and woo *** and her little girls into His Kingdom.

If you’d rather send her a card/letter/gift through the mail, her address is:"

If you are interested in helping this woman and her children then please email me at the SICLE Cell for her address.

:: ashli 12:13 PM # ::
:: Thursday, June 24, 2004 ::
An excerpt from an email from my friend, a "sidewalk counselor"
(names omitted to protect the identity of the parties involved):

"*** just called. I had called her yesterday to check on she and ***. She reported that *** has not aborted her baby. Thank the Lord.

*** has called all the clinics in Clearwater and St. Pete not to abort ***'s baby telling them that if she shows up it will be because she is being coerced. *** has suffered through two abortions at the hands of Nauert in St. Pete and was adamant that her pal not go through it.

I have loved her spunk and her persistance. She had a job for a few weeks but they are holding her pay for the usual three weeks. The lady next door watches her three children while she job hunts. She has done [phone sex] to draw a paycheck in the past.

My policy is to help once with rent in these situations. I am sending her a check for $100. Her uncle has said that if she gets this month paid he will help with next month's til she gets a regular paycheck...Her total rent is $495. Her address is [ please email me for her address if you would like to donate rent money ]. If you can make the check directly out to her landlord, [ email me for the landlord's name ], that would be great. She needs it ASAP.

You guys have been lovely to many of these women. The sidewalk does not "end" at the door of the [abortion businesses]."

Again, if you want to help please email me at the Cell for the necessary information. My email is up and running and the address for the donation is correct this time!

:: ashli 9:15 PM # ::
:: Tuesday, June 22, 2004 ::
Update on the phone numbers to call for the new PP abortion facility in Texas:

I called ABC Concrete and left a message on what was apparently Miguel's answering machine. I also called the other number listed for ABC Concrete, but Carlos didn't answer and there was no machine.

No answer at the Alamo and no machine.

Alpha: This was the best call I made. The guy in charge was SUPER nice and said they had been in contact with Rainbow and were NOT going to be involved in pouring concrete for an abortion clinic. If I lived in Texas and needed concrete I'd work with Alpha and no other!!!

Lone Star Readymix: The number given is apparently a fax, so if you have fax capabilities, send them a fax that says "Don't pour for Cline! The last thing people need is another abortion clinic!" or something of that nature.

Transit Mix: I spoke to Mr. Johnston's secretary and she said she would deliver my message. She seemed professional, but perhaps a tad weary of my call??? Hope the message is delivered. Even a "Hey, Dave, another one of those damnable 'pro-lifers' called!" would suffice.

Shaffer Readymix: A woman answered and said she was the one in charge. Forgot to ask for her name. Anyhoo, once she found out why I was calling she seemed extremely put out. She told me, very succintly I might add, that she has received "hundreds" of calls, thank you, and she ended the call.
Two things about this one:
1) I'm sure it may SEEM like "hundreds" to her, but I am totally jaded and I dare say, it is my sad experience that of a hundred "pro-lifers" maybe two will act.
2) This gal seemed so annoyed, miffed really, that she might pour the concrete just to spite the "pro-life lunatics" who are "harrassing" her. So, if you are one of the two out of a hundred, perhaps you might refrain from calling Shaffer Readymix.

Hope this helps.

:: ashli 10:03 AM # ::
I have some ASTOUNDING news for you today! Many of you will remember the mother who was diagnosed with breast cancer in the midst of her pregnancy with her daughter. Doctors told her she would have to choose between her own life and the life of her gestating little girl. She refused to choose abortion and continued her pregnancy. Her daughter was born healthy and delightful. The mother, however, seemed to be finished as the aggressive cancer crept into her bones. Her doctors (at the Moffit Cancer Treatment Center here in Florida) finally told her there was no point in anymore chemo, and she and her young family started preparing for last memories together and the end of her time here on earth. As a last ditch effort, her doctors decided to try a new type of chemo on her. They weren't sure what might happen, but they had nothing to lose.

Here is an email I just received, written by her Mother-In-Law:

"GOOD NEWS, Everyone!
(D's husband) called me this afternoon to tell me the doctors can’t find any cancer in (D’s) body! As you know, she has been going through experimental chemo for a while now, but the doctors were not hopeful that it would work. But today they got the results back from her latest CT Scan, and they said she seems to be cancer free! Praise God! (D's husband) sure was excited, and they’re giving God all the glory. He asked me to pass on the good news and thank everyone for praying. Her blood levels were too low to receive the last dose of chemo today, so she’ll go back to Moffitt for that next week. Please keep her in your prayers, but isn’t God good?"

Rejoice, rejoice, and again I say REJOICE!!!

Even her own mortality could not make her kill her daughter. I praise God above for giving D's life back to her for however long she may have it... and I pray that it will be a long, long time.

Thanks to all who reached out to D. May you be truly blessed for your love.

:: ashli 9:33 AM # ::
:: Monday, June 21, 2004 ::
An excerpt from an email I received:

"Curtis Cline, Planned Parenthood's project manager for the "Choice Project" child killing facility was "beating the bushes" Thursday for concrete to pour next Friday June 25. The foundation construction is underway for phase II.

Shumaker Readymix who took over from Rainbow has refused to supply. Rainbow supplied concrete for the foundation of Phase I. Rainbow is no longer in business.

Centex Materials Inc. of Austin was approached Thursday and was told Planned Parenthood's construction team (Curtis Cline/CD Henderson) would provide the concrete trucks. Centex would only have to provide the materials and batch the trucks.

This is highly unusual.

They are desperate.

We have an opportunity now to stop and slow down Phases I & II.

Please call the following concrete supply companies and respectfully ask them not to participate.

Please e-mail me back and let me know what they say.

Also ask them to check the website -Austin Abortion Exposed.org

Please forward this e-mail to anyone else you know who may be willing to take a few minutes out of their Friday to make some phone calls to protect unsuspecting mothers and their children from Planned Parenthood. Thank you.

ABC Concrete
512- 243-2747 Miguel
512-243-2302 Carlos

512-444-2462 Bryan Pennington


Lone Star Readymix
512-928-0385 Les or Pete

Transit Mix
512-836-6848 David Johnston

Shaffer Readymix

:: ashli 5:08 PM # ::
:: Wednesday, June 16, 2004 ::
I found an old something I wrote after my first child died in a second trimester abortion for the ever sacred "health issue":

Today is like yesterday
and the day before
and so on…
I miss you.
Time lies to me
tries to bleach you from my life…
but I carry your photo in my breast pocket
where no one knows;
you cover my heart.
Silence quells those long ago ripples
that made them all look.
They want to knit a sweater I unraveled.
They try to shine the chrome
to get a reflection from me.
Well i'm gone,
no more of me.
They're missing the forest for the trees.
and I'm missing you...
and again.

It doesn't really seem to matter what the reason is when your kid is as aborted and dead as the rest.

:: ashli 8:52 PM # ::
:: Friday, June 11, 2004 ::
I'm thoroughly DISGUSTED by Medscape.com's quote of the week on their "Women's Health" page. They point to NARAL's site for cryin' out loud. Hello, but this is blatant bias. I am sooooooo disappointed in Medscape.


A pox on them!

Write Medscape and tell them they suck.
(And by that, I mean: Write them and tell them that you are disappointed in the obvious abortion bias and that, as someone who believes in the Hippocratic oath as it was originally written, you do not appreciate the discriminatory term "anti-choice" being applied to you... But do it in your own words so it will pack more of a punch.)

"A pox on them!" is in no way to be misconstrued or reported as support or promotion of any type of bio-terrorism or other violence against those who respect and uphold the maiming and killing of women and children that is abortion. "A pox on them!" should not be taken literally and is only meant to convey my personal, thorough disgust. The term is used in lieu of cussing my otherwise beloved Medscape from one side of the world to the other for their nefarious use of the internet... plus, I thought it sounded better than "For this they should suck up my butt with a grape-flavored Pixie straw."

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:: Monday, June 07, 2004 ::
One more pictorial interruption from the HG Diary blog...

A girl in trouble is a temporary thing...

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