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my view from the prison of a SICLE (Self-Imposed Child Loss Experience) due to debilitating maternal disease
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:: Thursday, June 24, 2004 ::

An excerpt from an email from my friend, a "sidewalk counselor"
(names omitted to protect the identity of the parties involved):

"*** just called. I had called her yesterday to check on she and ***. She reported that *** has not aborted her baby. Thank the Lord.

*** has called all the clinics in Clearwater and St. Pete not to abort ***'s baby telling them that if she shows up it will be because she is being coerced. *** has suffered through two abortions at the hands of Nauert in St. Pete and was adamant that her pal not go through it.

I have loved her spunk and her persistance. She had a job for a few weeks but they are holding her pay for the usual three weeks. The lady next door watches her three children while she job hunts. She has done [phone sex] to draw a paycheck in the past.

My policy is to help once with rent in these situations. I am sending her a check for $100. Her uncle has said that if she gets this month paid he will help with next month's til she gets a regular paycheck...Her total rent is $495. Her address is [ please email me for her address if you would like to donate rent money ]. If you can make the check directly out to her landlord, [ email me for the landlord's name ], that would be great. She needs it ASAP.

You guys have been lovely to many of these women. The sidewalk does not "end" at the door of the [abortion businesses]."

Again, if you want to help please email me at the Cell for the necessary information. My email is up and running and the address for the donation is correct this time!

:: ashli 9:15 PM # ::

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