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:: Friday, June 11, 2004 ::

I'm thoroughly DISGUSTED by Medscape.com's quote of the week on their "Women's Health" page. They point to NARAL's site for cryin' out loud. Hello, but this is blatant bias. I am sooooooo disappointed in Medscape.


A pox on them!

Write Medscape and tell them they suck.
(And by that, I mean: Write them and tell them that you are disappointed in the obvious abortion bias and that, as someone who believes in the Hippocratic oath as it was originally written, you do not appreciate the discriminatory term "anti-choice" being applied to you... But do it in your own words so it will pack more of a punch.)

"A pox on them!" is in no way to be misconstrued or reported as support or promotion of any type of bio-terrorism or other violence against those who respect and uphold the maiming and killing of women and children that is abortion. "A pox on them!" should not be taken literally and is only meant to convey my personal, thorough disgust. The term is used in lieu of cussing my otherwise beloved Medscape from one side of the world to the other for their nefarious use of the internet... plus, I thought it sounded better than "For this they should suck up my butt with a grape-flavored Pixie straw."

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