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:: Saturday, June 26, 2004 ::

Yet another action item. Excerpt from an email:

"Maybe *** is an angel. Maybe I am "entertaining him unawares." I just know this little meek, 62-year-old guy aches for these unborn children who are slaughtered weekly all over town. He goes to all the abortion business and prays and agonizes the rest of the time over these murders. I don't notice. Nobody does. *** is easy to ignore.

Today he asked me when the bio-waste trucks pick up the babies. Gave him what I thought would be the best way to find out. You see, *** *** wants to give them a prayerful vigil as they are carted away. It's a chore for me to find out.

He asks those going in to abort their children today if they would care to see a suction abortion. The rest of us stick the pix in their faces. He ASKS...He makes his own signs... Only the Lord knows how great his impact is....

He has no computer. Would you like to encourage a super guy in this battle???

[ Write the SICLE Cell for his address. ]

He often hands me check for "gas." If he is an angel, I am sure thankful for his presence with me on this arduous journey..."

Sounds like a really nice guy. I'm so thankful for those who actually get up off their butts to DO something, whether it's writing a senator, writing a check or standing on a sidewalk doing the only thing they know how to do to try and rescue others from heartache and death. Why do they care?

Whatever it is, we're lucky that they do.

Those going in may see them as a curse, but those who cradle their children having turned away from death at the eleventh hour... well, those extraordinarily fortunate people know that people like the 62-year-old man from the excerpt above are a blessing.

:: ashli 3:19 PM # ::

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