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:: Tuesday, June 22, 2004 ::

Update on the phone numbers to call for the new PP abortion facility in Texas:

I called ABC Concrete and left a message on what was apparently Miguel's answering machine. I also called the other number listed for ABC Concrete, but Carlos didn't answer and there was no machine.

No answer at the Alamo and no machine.

Alpha: This was the best call I made. The guy in charge was SUPER nice and said they had been in contact with Rainbow and were NOT going to be involved in pouring concrete for an abortion clinic. If I lived in Texas and needed concrete I'd work with Alpha and no other!!!

Lone Star Readymix: The number given is apparently a fax, so if you have fax capabilities, send them a fax that says "Don't pour for Cline! The last thing people need is another abortion clinic!" or something of that nature.

Transit Mix: I spoke to Mr. Johnston's secretary and she said she would deliver my message. She seemed professional, but perhaps a tad weary of my call??? Hope the message is delivered. Even a "Hey, Dave, another one of those damnable 'pro-lifers' called!" would suffice.

Shaffer Readymix: A woman answered and said she was the one in charge. Forgot to ask for her name. Anyhoo, once she found out why I was calling she seemed extremely put out. She told me, very succintly I might add, that she has received "hundreds" of calls, thank you, and she ended the call.
Two things about this one:
1) I'm sure it may SEEM like "hundreds" to her, but I am totally jaded and I dare say, it is my sad experience that of a hundred "pro-lifers" maybe two will act.
2) This gal seemed so annoyed, miffed really, that she might pour the concrete just to spite the "pro-life lunatics" who are "harrassing" her. So, if you are one of the two out of a hundred, perhaps you might refrain from calling Shaffer Readymix.

Hope this helps.

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