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:: Friday, June 25, 2004 ::

Here's an email from another "sidewalk counselor" friend who is helping a woman who delivered her baby in the "sidewalk counselor's" car last Friday!!!:

"Hi Everyone,

I was just thinking last night about *** and her brand new baby girl, ***, and her 2 year old daughter, ***. *** is a young woman from Barbardos whom we met at the clinic when she was trying to abort her baby at almost 5 months. In case you hadn’t heard, I was with her last Friday morning when her baby was born in my car! *** and her 2 girls are living with her sister-in-law and the sister-in-law’s boyfriend, and their 2 children. *** and her 2 daughters share a bedroom in this tiny, but neat, apartment. The beginning of August the sister-in-law’s 15 year old son is coming to live with them, as well. So *** and her daughters will need to find another place to live.

When this baby arrived on Friday, *** was totally unprepared - no clothes, diapers, car seat, nothing. The father of the baby (not her husband, from whom she is separated) stepped forward, thank God, and bought a car seat for his daughter. He had given *** the money for the abortion, but when she decided to keep the baby, he was totally against her giving it up for adoption. At this point we don’t know how involved he’s going to be in ***'s and his new baby’s life.

I’ve been buying her the things she needs immediately for herself and the baby, but there’s going to be so much else she needs in the future. She doesn’t drive, doesn’t have a job or much education. She is not a believer - YET!

Anyway, I was thinking about how so many people we meet at the clinic think all we care about is saving babies’ lives, and that once they leave, we forget all about them. (And don’t we sometimes? May God forgive AND CHANGE us.) We need to remember that the reason most of them are choosing abortion is because their problems are so huge they don’t see any other way out except to kill their babies.

And I was just wondering if we could just heap blessing upon blessing on my little friend, ***, and her children. Wouldn’t that be fun? I thought about hosting a shower, but she’s just so shy, and I don’t think she would want me to do that.

So, do any of you have anything you’d like to contribute to ***, to let her know you’re grateful she chose to give this baby the most precious gift of all - LIFE? Because she doesn’t have much room in her apartment, large items wouldn’t be helpful right now. I got her a bouncy seat for the baby and a car seat for the 2 year old, and she already had a crib. But clothes, (I got her some newborn stuff; so probably 3 months and older would be good - although the baby is tiny, only about 6 lb. 5 oz. right now), a diaper bag, a baby photo album, diapers, wipes, things for her 2-year-old - mostly anything like that would be appreciated. The formula will be covered by WIC once we get her in for an appt. For now we’re having to buy it (Good Start, the pink can). Something I think she would really appreciate would be cards and letters, thanking her for keeping her baby and encouraging her as a young mom with a lot of responsibility and not many options. Of course, money would be wonderful, too, along with gift certificates (McDonald’s or Winn Dixie). I’m praying she will come to church with me soon - I’ve invited her often, but she is very shy. So please pray for her salvation most of all.

I will be at the clinic this Saturday and the next (METRO’S DAY!) from 6:30 to 9:30, so if you have anything for her, you can get it to me then. Of course, Metro people can get stuff to me or my family at church on Sunday. I would just love to bless *** with a big bag of baby gifts (new or used, but in good shape) and cards and letters from Christians, to bless her and her little family. (FYI, her little 2 year old cousin, ***, also lives there - adorable, and would appreciate a doll baby or new outfit.) Please don’t feel any pressure to participate; I’ve never done anything like this before and I may be going about it all wrong. Would it be appropriate to include receipts for things that she might receive duplicates of, like diaper bags, baby bath tubs, etc.?

Thank you for your prayers and concern, for rejoicing with us at the miraculous birth of this precious baby, and for your commitment to spreading the Gospel and loving the lost. May God richly bless each of you, and woo *** and her little girls into His Kingdom.

If you’d rather send her a card/letter/gift through the mail, her address is:"

If you are interested in helping this woman and her children then please email me at the SICLE Cell for her address.

:: ashli 12:13 PM # ::

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