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:: Tuesday, September 30, 2008 ::

Go check out Weekly Reader (WR). In talking about the election and the parties you'll see them use terms such as "support freedom of personal choice and behavior" to describe liberals, but you won't ever see them use the word "abortion" (meanwhile, they tend to refer to conservatives as being resistant to change) . At any rate, I wonder why WR never uses the word "abortion." If there's nothing wrong with it, shouldn't we all be able to talk to our young children about it? Shouldn't the liberal parent be able to say to his child, "You know, Johnny, Mommy and I believe in a woman's right to have her growing child removed from her womb when she doesn't want him. That's called 'abortion,' and we're voting for Barak Obama, because he believes in abortion like we do." Maybe WR doesn't want to put the liberal in the position of having to correct Johnny when he asks, "So where does the child live after he is removed?"

LOL! Of course I'm being facetious. We all know that a liberal would couch the sick reality of abortion in deceptive terms of "a strong belief in not 'forcing' a woman to be a mother when she isn't ready." BTW, I don't want anyone forcing my daughter to have a child before she is ready, and I never want her to experience abortion. (Apples to oranges.) But then this brings me back to my original question: If abortion is only "not forcing a woman to be a mother before she is ready" then why is it a dirty word not fit for children's eyes to read?

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