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:: Saturday, September 06, 2008 ::

Click here to watch a nicely put together clip that says absolutely nothing.

Doesn't it just warm the American heart to know that the throngs of people depicted in the above video could care less about gestating Americans. How inspiring! Especially to those of us who've been decimated by abortion. I particularly love the guy who says, "I don't want a nation just for me, I want a nation for everybody." Everybody except the roughly 4,000 American children who are slaughtered like pigs in abortions daily in this country. America is not for them. They can go to the devil.

Obama says it best when he says he will begin with words.
Words, words, words, words, and more words.
That say absolutely nothing.

By the way, the GOP has never attacked the American people. Their comments have always been directed at Obama himself and his qualifications, or lack thereof, for the presidency. Yet Obama and his llamas continue to dishonestly redirect the "attack" claiming that the GOP is raging against the American citizen. In an attempt that is so obvious as to be comical, they are hoping to manipulate America to get what they want, and many are pleased as punch to be manipulated. Being mentally manhandled by Obama is like psychic foreplay to his llamas. Barak never fails to titillate as he flips, smacks, and rubs them down.

This is just another reason to limit television in your household and teach your children to think logically and for themselves. Do this and they'll be less likely to drink anyone's Kool-Aid.

:: ashli 9:48 AM # ::

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