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:: Thursday, October 11, 2007 ::

This is an interesting article, but David OBVIOUSLY doesn't know any "lifers." We do help babies after they're born (to the point of personal exhaustion), AND their mamas (double the exhaustion), and I'd like to know just exactly how "choicers" think they're helping women after they help procure the abortion, because honey, I don't remember any of them there at my side when I was pickling myself at 3 A.M. and eying my beautiful 357 with yet another, equally romantic choice on my mind. Happiness is a warm gun (after abortion).

Also, re: "choicers" having pictures of women hurt by abortion and "lifers" having pictures of children hurt by abortion...lifers don't frame the argument as being mothers v. children. We love them both, and truth be told we probably hold many more pictures of women killed by abortion than "choicers" do. Maybe we oughtta start dragging those out. Certainly our pictures are more recent than the "choicers'," and I don't know why, because illegal abortions are still occurring--I wouldn't think it very hard for "choicers" to get their meat hooks into a few. Or could it be that they are being deliberately buried by "choicers" due to the fact that legalizing abortion was supposed to put an end to illegal abortion deaths. (Oopsie!)

In the article the author frets about the "lifer" sex life. Well, Dave, I'm here to tell ya that lifers get lots and lots of crazy sex. Probably more sex than someone who is not married and who has to search for partners to tow off to bed. See, I don't even have to concoct a story or try to look sexy. At any given moment I can look at a tall slice of heaven, snap my fingers, and say the magic words: "Sex. Now," and bang, zoom, we're off to the moon! I'm so hardcore "lifer" it hurts, yet I can get all the sex I want...and sexy sex too, because I don't have to worry about waking up a week later with a foul-smelling purulent discharge oozing out of my vagina or warts or runny sores popping up all over my vulva--not very sexy, baby.

The sex, comment is rather cliche, Dave, but in the war of symbols, the "choicer" media is interviewing the nun on camera. I was standing on a sidewalk in a Life Chain, with my non-graphic, big ol' sign that read "ABORTION HURTS WOMEN," looking hip and sexy as ever, if I may say so, and the media deliberately skipped anyone who looked like they might have even half-an-ounce of sanity--they opted for the nun in full habit with the rosary beads and the bishop-looking dude with the 8-foot poster of a ripped up, eviscerated, aborted little child.

You're hitting on something in your article, Dave baby, but get to know us before you write the next one. Come out into the trenches and watch us sexy "lifers" work. Every move a picture.


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