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:: Thursday, September 29, 2005 ::

A Cry Without A Voice

:: ashli 3:01 PM # ::
From Patte:

"I have changed the names to protect the identity of everyone involved. You are free to share this story with everyone you know for the glory of God!

In early September, 2005 we met a worried mother through our new online pre-abortion counseling ministry. Celia's 14-year-old daughter was more than halfway through pregnancy and wanted an abortion. We were told that the state of California automatically emancipates a girl from her parents as soon as she conceives a child, so apparently, Celia's daughter Sarah could abort without ever even consulting her mom. So, the abortion was planned.

Sarah had an appointment at Planned Parenthood and because of the lateness of her pregnancy, she was referred to a hospital to kill the child. Several of our online counselors contacted Celia and offered help and support and adoption information.

Celia is a neo-natal nurse and she knew the humanity of her grandchild, whom they were told was a little girl. Sarah's father, however, was pushing for abortion, and Sarah herself didn't care about the baby and didn't want to be a mother. Things looked bleak. We prayed and continued to reach out to Celia.

The very last night before she was to have her abortion, Sarah was given a DREAM. She described her dream to her mother saying: "Mommy, an angel told me to give my baby to Tula."

Due to injury from an abortion 10 years previously, Tula (a long time friend of the family) & her husband had been unable to conceive. Sarah woke up on the day that she was to have her baby snuffed out in a late term abortion and called Tula! Thanks be to God for His great and marvelous gift of life and protection for all the players in this drama!"

A note from Celia:

"She is here! Sunday morning at 9:55 A.M. Sarah delivered a darling baby girl. The doctors tried to keep the baby inside as long as possible but when the water broke at 7:35 the doctor said he had to let her be born. He checked and Sarah was 6 centimeters dilated. She was so tired of being in the hospital that she did not say anything when her labor started the night before. I felt bad cause she could have had an epidural for the pain. Finally I heard her get sort of grunty and she began to push. I could see the baby's head crowning, and Sarah pushed maybe 20 minutes.

Tula and Don were in the room and were so excited. Sarah's father (my ex) walked in as she began to deliver. It caught him by suprise to say the least. I figured he'd turn around and walk out but he didn't. He just watched. A week earlier he had offered Sarah an abortion with that doctor in Kansas who does it right until birth.* The baby is doing well she weighed in at 3lb 4oz,. The ultrasound was so accurate, to the ounce.

Everyone in the room cried including myself. Here was this little life that almost was not allowed to be born.

Tula and Don love their new baby and can't wait to take her home. She will be in neo-natal intensive care for 3-6 weeks . This morning Sarah signed away her rights to the baby. I told Sarah she could change her mind but she said she was not wanting to be a mother. She didn't cry but I sure did especially when the social worker asked herif she realized she had just given up all rights to the baby permanently. She signed a waiver to make it final and said she understood.

I thought adoption was suppose to be so painful for the mom. It was for me, but Sarah seemed totally at peace with her choice. I'm amazed at my daughter's strength.

I'm taking my vacation time to be with my daughter but also because it botherd me to think of seeing the baby each day in ICU where I work.

Sarah told Tula she did not want a lot of contact with the baby for the first year but would like pictures of her first birthday. I could see Sarah distancing herself from the baby.

I went to leave the hospital tonight and glanced in the nursery window. Don and Tula were in rockers next to the baby. They can't seem to leave her. Tula ran up to me and hugged me and said "Thank you so much." I started to cry being the emotional being that I am. She said 'Celia, I thought God was punishing me when I developed infertility after my abortion 10 years ago but now I think He must really love me to give me such a beautiful gift as this'. Her and her husband adore their new daughter. Sarah is doing fine. She is anxious to come home tomorrow. She has no regrets.


:: ashli 9:52 AM # ::
:: Wednesday, September 28, 2005 ::
Rapist's consent.

:: ashli 1:10 PM # ::
Shut up.

:: ashli 1:08 PM # ::
:: Tuesday, September 27, 2005 ::
This is just flipping ridiculous. Hello, the AMA supports abortion, so how could their collective opinion be biased against it? This one has already been tried and ruled on. Put it to bed and tuck it in already.

:: ashli 10:06 AM # ::
:: Sunday, September 25, 2005 ::
Here we go again.

(Be forewarned: I am NOT prepared to apologize for drawing analogies when the issue most certainly IS one of treating people, human beings, as property to do with as an "owner" sees fit.)

:: ashli 10:22 AM # ::
:: Saturday, September 24, 2005 ::
This class I'm taking now, not the biological science class afterall, is really blowing my mind and bringing things out that I did NOT want to address in such a forum. Considering the content of recent reads, what is one to do?

:: ashli 4:31 PM # ::
:: Friday, September 23, 2005 ::
Ruther Bader Ginsburg tells Bush that the only female Supreme Court Justice pick who qualifies is one who would advance abortion. I wonder if she thinks it would be wrong of Bush to opine that the only female Supreme Court Justice pick who qualifies is a dissenter of Roe v. Wade. Don't look now, but it appears that these two disagree about abortion. So I guess the only thing left to weigh is that RBG is a Supreme Court Justice and Bush is the flipping President of the United States. Mebbe he'll decide that he can nominate whomever he chooses. Surely RBG can respect his choice!

:: ashli 12:33 PM # ::
:: Saturday, September 17, 2005 ::

:: ashli 10:17 PM # ::
:: Friday, September 16, 2005 ::
Jean Garton of Lutherans for Life once recalled how she spoke to a church women's group about abortion and appealed for their help in working against it. The group's president responded that "We don't get involved in anything controversial."

Then, Garton recalled:
"I sat down, and they went into the business meeting. And the main topic of business was the purchase of a new coffee pot. And you never heard such controversy in your life, between the drippers and the perkers. And I sat there thinking: "The women of God, arguing over a coffee pot!"

:: ashli 7:08 PM # ::
:: Tuesday, September 13, 2005 ::
Totally, TOTALLY devastated.

:: ashli 8:05 PM # ::
:: Saturday, September 10, 2005 ::

"Hi. I'm Tucker. Lots of people have their 'beliefs' about abortion. Some don't believe that a child in the womb is a child at all. Some people do, but they believe there are more important things -such as not telling a woman what she can do with her body.

Please take a careful look at my body.

No matter what you 'believe' about abortion, the truth is, when I had been alive and growing for seven months, a woman made a choice that tore my legs off and most of my fingers too. Because of her choice to abort me, I will never be able to walk or run and play with the perfect, healthy legs I was created with, nor will I ever be able to type with the healthy, nimble fingers that used to be mine. That kind of sucks, doesn't it.

Also, no matter what you believe about adoption, these are my two white parents, and I am their (unnecessarily) disabled black son. Some people say that doesn't happen. Some people understand that it does, but they would still prefer a woman's choice over my life (and limbs). No matter what anyone 'believes', it looks like adoption solved my birthmom's problem and hey, mine too! So I kinda can't help feeling that it might have been better if I had been adopted, same as now, but without the dismemberment part. I think it would be nice if people looked less at their 'beliefs' about abortion and more at the bodies affected by it. Mine for example.

Please forgive the SICLE lady for not providing a big, red WARNING sign before showing my picture. Even though I am a graphic image of abortion, she thought that slapping my adorable little forehead with a warning label just wouldn't be right."

:: ashli 11:47 PM # ::
Apparently I'm not "gone" and I haven't "taken all my good stuff with me."

Once in a blue moon I'll post.
(But then, I said I would.)

:: ashli 11:46 PM # ::

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