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:: Wednesday, May 11, 2005 ::

(WARNING: Link shows pictures of whole, aborted child)

This "pro-life" commentary INFURIATES me. For a group of "religious" people they certainly aren't responding like the One they claim to follow.

One excerpt:

"In the above picture, the little girl's daddy is giving her a teddy bear, perhaps for her to play with in George Tiller's incinerator..."

Gee, I wonder why more mothers don't speak out. Give me a flippin' break! Like the pictures aren't enough. Like crass commentary REALLY needs to be added to expose the horror of abortion. And as Christina, who alerted us to the link on Aa, points out: Tiller doesn't even use the PBA (partial birth abortion) method! The baby was killed via injection before birth. Anyone who knows anything about how Tiller operates knows this. Why lie? The photos of the dead child are not "gruesome" enough on their own?

Note to Bob:
Tell the truth and react with some flippin' compassion for cryin' out loud. The mother of this child didn't come forward and expose the horror of her SICLE for you to drag her through the mud. She did it to expose the evil of abortion and to help others avoid it. She is making of herself a sacrifice to help others because this is what she learned from her experience and this is what she is called to do. Instead of honoring that you are rubbing her face in her sorrow, guilt and shame.

In addition to helping the "pro-choice" movement illustrate what mean-spirited, liars "pro-lifers" are, I am sure you are making other women think twice, not necessarily about abortion, but certainly about coming forward.

Shame on you.

:: ashli 9:28 AM # ::

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