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:: Thursday, May 05, 2005 ::

"Look, ma! I can unequivocally diagnose stillbirth with no autopsy!"

So the M.E. won't autopsy but says the baby was stillborn for sure. Hmmm...

Employees of a man convicted of extortion (who admitted to supporting a lie that pesky anti-abortion lunatics, aka "pro-lifers", were making violent threats), are saying that Rowan's mom is a big fat liar? Hmmm...

Can you even imagine what Angele is feeling right now? Her child died in a toilet, no one would help him, and now it never even happened.

After everything I've been through I remember how I felt when I was told that I had never lost a child in an abortion, that I was just some cliche lackey for the "pro-life" movement, and that I was obviously a man, baby. It was not a Hallmark moment.

Angele must be going through hell. She's got living children. I wonder how well Mom's "momming". I wonder how they're all faring. I worry.

There's a phone call on record, police came to the abortion facility and made contact with Angele, I believe paramedics were lied to by staff (told there was no patient there that fit the description), Angele is demanding an autopsy to try and provide proof that what she claims is true... 2+2=4.

Who are abortion advocates trying to kid? Do they really expect us to believe that a "pro-lifer" walked in and aborted her late-term child so that she could fabricate a story and somehow injure the abortion business or abortion as a whole? Or that a woman who aborted her child was all of a sudden sooo sorry the second afterward that she would fabricate a lie and draw national attention to the fact that she did an awful, awful thing? Yeah right.

I got news for abortion advocates involved. Even if they came right out and admitted that it all happened, I'm not sure anyone would give a rat's butt. The only people whose panties would wad all up in a nice-sized bunch would be the same ol' "pro-lifers" who've been harping on all this "abortion killz babies" stuff for the last 30 years. And who listens to them?

I guess though, it's important to beat this particular rap, because legally Rowan was transformed from taco meat to child the moment his vulnerable little body splashed into the toilet. And staff didn't fish him out of Tidy-Bowl territory and dial 9-1-1. So that would mean abortion business staff contributed to the death of a child. And that would be horrible, wouldn't it.

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