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:: Friday, May 20, 2005 ::

Living children stuffed into red biohazard bags for pickup by the local medical waste service, Rowan, and more:

"During one incident, the medical assistant said, she delivered a 28-week-old baby dead while Dr. Pendergraft was out having lunch. 'When I turned it over [on its side], the baby's hands went together like it was praying. . . . I was waiting for it to scream. . . . It looked so much like a living baby.' That, she says, is when she decided she couldn't work there anymore."

I'm another witness to Pendergraft's lies. He lied on my medical record (about bleeding which he said was "scant" and then "none"... when in reality he told us not to leave town because the bleeding was so severe... so severe that he sent us to a... HOTEL), and his nearly-prepubescent "counselor" lied to me about the size of my baby. (For some idiotic reason, part of my personal stipulations was that my child had to weigh under an ounce. Anything over an ounce and well that would just be wrong, wouldn't it. I didn't express this stiuplation, but it was internally holding, and I was assured that my child was the size of a "walnut" at 4 months of pregnancy. In reality, that is to say, in TRUTH, my child was almost 5 inches long, crown to rump, and weighed nearly 2 ounces!

I am aware of more than a couple of Pendergraft's former employees and, like the former employee in the World article, they are also terrified of him.

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