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:: Thursday, February 17, 2005 ::

Sorry for the delay. I am reeeeeeeally busy.

Here's my response to AmbivaBlogger's last email:

"dear supreme writer,

this will be short only due to circumstances and not feelings...

i think women will abort children as long as women can get pregnant. legal or illegal. thinkable or unthinkable. it's going to happen. i value making it illegal for three reasons:

1. my mother would have aborted me if it had been legal. (she did abort my sibling when it was legal.)
2. no way would i have aborted if it had been illegal, a bad thing.
3. i don't like the idea of collectively condoning it. i think the national legality of it says a LOT. i'm not sure how we can get the point across, culturally, that it's a bad thing... while keeping it legal.

and you know... women are still aborting their children illegally even though it is legal. and women are still dying of illegal abortions.

ethically, i don't think we can legalize killing children no matter their age. i care for women, deeply. i wouldn't want the enslavement of women; i AM one. but... we can't detest/reject our own slavery while actively enslaving others. only talking about women does not bear in mind the children. and i just don't think it's cool to say, "ok, killing you kids is a bad thing that should be shied away from... BUT if your ma really doesn't want to be enslaved into perserving your life, then to hell with you really."

hillary said it takes a village to raise a child, but i think what i'm uncomfortable with is the fact that it also takes a village to legally kill a child.

laws-a-mercy.... screaming tot... needs must go.

love back at you,

:: ashli 1:42 AM # ::

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