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:: Saturday, September 11, 2004 ::

Nobody loves me.
Everybody hates me.
I'm gonna eat some worms...

Here I go again with another unpopular opinion within the movement I love best.

I just read this article, and I have to say the purpose of SNM seems a little conflicted (or slightly diluted) to me. On the one hand they want to tell the world the truth about abortion, i.e., that it kills children and hurts moms and families. On the other hand, they want you to know that Jesus Christ heals it, baby!

I think I've said this before, but if I were a "choice" nut, and I ran an abortion clinic...
I'd hire "choice" nut clergy, set up a little on-site chapel, and distribute pamplets to my customers (yes, customers) which basically concluded that abortion kills children, hurts moms and families but Jesus Christ heals it, baby. In fact, isn't that kind of where the abortion supporters are headed lately? Obviously, they intend to beat us at our own game. But it's not a game, and Jesus Christ doesn't heal it for everyone, baby.

Jesus Christ lets at lest some people feel their pain. He lets them own it and have it, and He doesn't take it away. He doesn't heal cancer all the time, and He doesn't heal abortion-related pain all the time either. It took me a few conversations with Georgette Forney to get this new and very unpopular idea across. I give her every credit; she was the only SNM person who would even acknowledge it. The others I spoke to just treated me like an egregious pain-in-the-arse and ignored me. (The dialogue came about when I was initially required by SNM to share my pain and "healing" story before a crowd of abortion opponents and disinterested passersby.)

SNM and I finally came to an agreement: I would talk of my pain and loss as long as I threw in a few things that have helped me deal with it. Honestly, I was amazed that there was even an issue, that I was only allowed to have a voice if it had been crafted somewhat by their forum.

I didn't want to hold the "I regret my abortion" sign either. I would have gladly held a sign that said "I regret aborting my child." The logic: I went to a tattoo parlor and got a tattoo, but I didn't go to an abortion parlor and get an abortion. I don't have an abortion. I have a dead child who was ravaged by one. No one cares about this language (or what it implies) except me. Even Randy Alcorn, abortion opponent extraordinaire and author of the best anti-abortion book, Pro-Life Answers to Pro-Choice Arguments, describes "a hand taken from the discarded remains of an abortion." The hand was actually taken from the discarded remains of a child. Children have hands. Abortions are procedures and procedures don't have hands. Children are not transformed into abortions. They are transformed by abortions. I'm getting worked up. Sigh... I digress.

Back to SNM and the dual message they're spreading. I am willing to say that I understand that we should not be out to depress folks, but if truth is the campaign, I do feel that we should be allowed to have our own voices within the movement.

1. Some people feel great about dumping their kids into the garbage via abortion, and they have their forum.
2. Some people regret their SICLEs but feel hunky-dory-healed-by-Christ and they have their forum.
3. Other people regret their SICLE, love Christ as purely as they know how, and still think about crashing their car into a telephone pole 7 years after abortion. That tiny little miniscule forum?

You're looking at it.

:: ashli 9:06 AM # ::

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