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:: Saturday, September 04, 2004 ::

In your face, Planned Parenthood and ACLU! Florida parents WILL get a chance to decide whether or not they should be notified when their underaged daughter is opting for abortion. PP and ACLU, of course, didn't want this to even go to vote. They don't want parents involved in abortion decisions, because they know that this has typically lowered the abortion rate by as much as a third.

PP and the ACLU claim that they are against parental involvement because of the itty-bitty small minority of girls whose parents will abuse them if they find out about a pregnancy, but there's no logic in throwing the majority of young girls to the wolves.

PP and the ACLU fear that most parents want to know when their child is undergoing surgery, and they want to have a say in it. I have also heard abortion-supporting parents say that they would want to know so that they could help to hand-pick the abortionist that kills their grandchild. So, if it's "good" for everyone, why does PP oppose even a vote on this measure?

Anything that reduces abortion by a whopping third is not good for business.

Well, too bad. PP has been feeding, unhindered, on Florida's children for far too long. We get a say; the vote is coming soon!

C'mon, Florida. Do the right thang!

:: ashli 5:22 PM # ::

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