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:: Sunday, September 05, 2004 ::

I don't normally provide links to abortion businesses because I never want to advertise for them. However, I stumbled across a few whopping examples of how abortion deception works and had to blog-it-all. So, here goes my ad...

"24 Weeks (6 months) pregnant? No problem. Kill your baby in the third trimester in 15 minutes or less."

Now, I thought women's choices were sovereign to the abortion-supporter and not to be questioned. But notice that in this "menu" they treat the abortion-minded mom like she has made up her mind. They don't mention any alternatives to abortion; they only talk about abortion. Yet for birth-minded moms they mention a few happinesses but go into many inflated and strategically-placed negatives and provide a section on abortion that is much longer than the section on adoption. I.e.: "You think you're ready to have a baby, but you're not." (On their "workbook" site, notice that the "Yes, I'm ready to have a baby" link is the same as the "I don't know if I'm ready to have a baby" link. Pretty damning.)

The "workbook" is formulated to appear unbiased, but it really isn't at all. It's crafted to scare the living daylights out of already terrified moms and send them running into the stirrups.

It gets worse.

Here they say that the Bible says a "good woman" is one who manages her life wisely, and they insinuate that abortion can be part of that "wise management". They make no mention of that pesky "Thou shalt not kill" commandment in there. And furthermore, they list a variety of religions and supposedly none of them oppose abortion. You won't be surprised that Catholics for Free Choice is presented as the official interpreter of Vatican doctrine.

Interestingly, they talk about "healing" rituals after and even during abortion, and these types of ceremonies are found in both the abortion-minded and birth-minded/undecided "workbooks". I don't know why. They say most women feel relieved, and only a few women feel sad.

RU486 Sample Ritual:
"Many women are creating their own rituals to help them deal with their feelings around ending a pregnancy. This can involve others, or not, as you wish.

The Night Before...
The night before you go to the doctor's, or before you take the medicine, draw a bath and sprinkle the water with a few rose petals or herbs. As you soak, notice how much you want to do the right thing for your life. Let your heart fill with love and wish for a peaceful separation of the spirit within you from your own. Collect the petals and let them dry out. Write down any thoughts or feelings you have.

Day 2 or 3...
When you take the misoprostol (the second medication), light a 24-hour candle. (Also called Memorial Candles, they are in a glass jar, available at most supermarkets.) As the candle burns, the process of passing the pregnancy will continue. Sometimes it will be painful, sometimes you will relax or sleep. At other times you may feel sad or even cry. See the path you are on continuing, but the path of the pregnancy (spirit/baby) going in another direction.

When the candle has finished burning think about how you feel. Are you at peace? If not, what is still troubling you? Think about what that is and write it down on a piece of paper. When you feel ready, gather the rose petals together with any messages or writings you have and either burn them, or bury them or cast them on a body of water. Remember your good intentions at the beginning of this process."

Yes, remember your "good intentions", Mother, because that is all you will have to keep you warm at night as you dream of holding your dying baby in your hand.

I'm nearly finished.

The abortionists' site repeatedly refers to gestating children as "the pregnancy", but in the section on adoption they ask the pregnant mother: "What are your hopes or dreams for this child?" And in the fetal development section they describe the 24-week, 2-pound fetus' "body fat". Umm... so basically, we have a third trimester abortion business telling us that a woman's body isn't the only one involved in "choice".

The site contains myriad fodder, but I'm exhausted, so LASTLY...

Here's my all-time favorite on the site:

"Abortion is a kind of killing. The embryo or fetus is living within the woman´s body, and it is removed by the abortion. Most people do not believe that killing an embryo or fetus is the same as killing a born person. Is there a difference between killing and murder? Is having an abortion like killing a 2 or 3 year old child, or like killing a friend of yours? Can you kill and still love that person or thing?”

Well, free Mark David Chapman, because evidently, "all you need is love" to kill, not murder, a person.

I seem to be having a nightmare.
Someone please wake me.

:: ashli 2:59 AM # ::

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