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:: Friday, September 24, 2004 ::

Every now and again I'm going to post excerpts from a "sidewalk counselor's" journal. Let's call it "Sidewalk Talk". Here's today's:

"9/23/04: A woman named * Clarice * drove by slowly, looking at the graphic CHOICE abortion sign (from CBR) that I'd hung on the street-side window of the RV. I gave her a friendly wave and said, "Hello" as she drove away.

Clarice turned around and drove over to me, asking: "Do you mind if I tell you something?" She pointed to a beautiful baby boy in the car seat beside her. "I came to this place four times trying to kill this child."

I asked: "And why didn't you go through with your abortion?"

Clarice said: "My husband. He really didn't want me to do it. We're married with three kids. Having another baby just seemed overwhelming, but he insisted that everything would be okay." Clarice confessed that she was very glad that she didn't murder her gurgling son. But, she had a problem. "It's that sign with the aborted baby on it. If anyone sees that picture, they'd never be able to abort."

Clarice went on: "I don't think it's fair to force women to look at what abortion really is. They'll never be able to have an abortion. They'll have to have their baby even if they're in a really bad situation. What if they can't afford to raise a child?" Clarice went so far as to call displaying the photo "mean".

I reasoned with her, "Clarice, abortion is mean. No woman who doesn't want a baby has to raise a baby. Every pregnant woman can choose a loving adoptive family, for FREE."

I gave Clarice our info packet and explained a little about how we help women through pregnancy.

She smiled and said: "It's great that you care about these women, and I understand that you mean well. It's just that I think you should get rid of that photo."

My conversation with Clarice confirmed what I always knew, we MUST continue to display the CHOICE sign."

"9/23/04: I know that you've heard of Mother-Daughter Teas, Mother-Daughter Banquets even Mother-Daughter book groups, but I'll bet you have never heard of Mother-Daughter abortions.

15-year-old *Tanisha* and her mom, *Rita* were both pregnant and had come to Orlando Women's Center to kill their babies together. Tanisha was 15 weeks pregnant and her mom Rita was 20 weeks. They brought their blankets and pillows and sat down to wait for their names to be called. I offered them help from the moment they arrived at the clinic.

Mom Rita pushed my information away saying, "No, don't you go talkin' to me, now. I've already made up my mind. I'm not havin' any mo' kids."

I assured Rita that she was having this baby. "You're going to go through childbirth, just like you did with all of your other children." I showed her the photo of little Mary, a baby aborted at the same stage of development as the child she was now carrying. Rita passed the photo around to *Roger* and to Tanisha, marveling, "Look at that ... will you look at that! Poor little baby." Then she laughed.

Tanisha seemed more pensive. She looked into my eyes with a sort of sadness and took my info packet. We spoke to Tanisha and Rita all morning long. Mark offered Tanisha the opportunity to see her baby on ultrasound and Roger came into the RV too.

As Mark and Claire showed Tanisha the amazing little child growing inside of her, Tanisha asked: "Is that my baby's legs kicking? Did she blink? Did her eyes blink?"

Rita came storming into the RV, demanding to see her daughter and take her out of the RV. She asked Mark: "Are you holding her down?" Tanisha assured her; "I'm okay, mom."

Mark hurried up and finished the ultrasound. When they all left the RV they still seemed determined to go through the mother-daughter double murder (though nine out of ten women who see their babies on ultrasound can't go through with the abortion plan).

A few minutes later, Tanisha came back and asked for the photo of her baby. She smiled and thanked Mark for it. We were sort of dumbfounded when they stayed inside the clinic, but then all of a sudden out they came! Tanisha was gently weeping and they were going HOME to Melbourne! Yippee! We are glad two sweet African American children were spared!"

Abortion is the number one killer of black people. Three out of five black children are aborted. That means more black children are aborted than born. Democrat Kerry is for abortion. Blacks tend to vote the big ol' donkey. A lot of people are going to be shooting themselves in the head this November. Sigh.

(Note: Asterisks denote fictitious names.)

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