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my view from the prison of a SICLE (Self-Imposed Child Loss Experience) due to debilitating maternal disease
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:: Thursday, August 19, 2004 ::

A few "choice" words:

"At midnight, my ex partner knocked on the door to check if I was alright. I went to the bathroom and as I was sitting there, I just felt something slip out of me as if I had just given birth. I looked in the toilet and saw this lump that seemed to have a bone in it. So I showed it to my former partner," said Chambers.

The "lump" turned out to be the child's head, four centimeters across, with distinguishable eyes, nose, mouth, and even ears.

"We just broke down and cried at what we were seeing. We couldn't believe it," said Chambers, sobbing."

"I feel as if I'm going insane now; I can't just let this happen to me," she said.

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