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:: Friday, August 20, 2004 ::

Brave New World...

I sent Allen Boyd, abortion supporter extraordinaire, a letter appealing to him to vote for the proposed fetal pain law that would require abortionists to explain to a woman that gee, it kind of hurts to get killed at 20-weeks gestation and beyond.

I got this letter in response (emphasis added by a head-shaking me):

"Dear Ms. ***:
Thank you so much for your letter, I always enjoy hearing the views of the citizens of north Florida, and appreciate your time to let me know.

As you know, H.R. 4420 would require every doctor to provide specified information about the capacity of her unborn child to experience pain during the abortion, whenever a woman seeks an abortion past 20 weeks after fertilization, after which the woman must either accept or refuse (by signing a form) the administration of pain-reducing drugs directly to the unborn child. The bill would apply to all abortions past 20 weeks, regardless of the method used.
Every bill that pertains to these procedures only contributes more to the immense arguments on both sides of this issue. However, disagreement is what makes our political system the best in the world. With each side allowing an open dialogue a strong compromise can come from such a difficult issue. Please understand that this is a very controversial issue and I feel government debates should center more on how we can eliminate the need for abortion. My hope is that in the future, abortions will be safe and very rare.

Throughout my years in public service I have generally supported a woman's right to choose. I continue to believe that decisions such as these are best made by the woman in consultation with her family, her doctor, and her God. A woman should be provided the best information possible from her doctor and should base her decisions on that information. Furthermore, no child should ever have to experience pain and any information that pertains to the general welfare of the child during these procedures should be made available to the patient. Currently, this bill has been referred to the House Committee of Energy and Commerce. While I do not serve on this committee, you can be assured that when it comes to the floor for a vote I will keep your views in mind.

Thank you again for taking the time to write. If I can be of assistance sometime in the future, please feel to contact my office.
Allen Boyd Member of Congress"

A polite "shove it up your rear" from Allen Boyd.

Is it just me, or do these type of kiss-offs really bite? I mean, I'd rather the guy just write and tell me that he thinks my opinion blows, that my personal experience with abortion means squat to him, and that as long as he draws breath he will support the killing of what he refers to as children.

The other day Emily addressed this bold new abortion-supporting approach:

"Yes, abortion is manslaughter. And I'm OK with that."

Boyd says he thinks abortion should be "rare", and he fights to keep it legal. Do we generally legalize things that we find wrong enough to be rarely wanted? Rape, kidnap, physical abuse, etc.?

Boyd implies that abortion is a personal choice. Do we respect and legalize all choices merely because they are personal?

Instead of outlawing abortion, Boyd prefers to focus on eliminating the need for it. Who in their right mind would legalize drunk driving and then work to find ways to eliminate the "need" for alcohol in the mean time?

Allen implies that he believes in legalized abortion partly because he wants it to be "Safe"? To be consistent, will he work to legalize bank robbing?

Kerry conveys the same type of flotsam:

"As a Catholic I oppose abortion, but I don't have the right to impose my beliefs on others."

Lame. I'll bet he doesn't feel the same way about child molestation. Can you imagine Kerry or Boyd or any of these nefarious flimflammers claiming:

"I don't generally think child molestation is a good thing, but who am I to stop someone who believes in it and personally chooses it?"

None of them would be caught dead with that.

"Well, DUH!" Boyd would argue. "I'd never advocate child molestation, because no child should ever experience pain!"

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