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:: Saturday, June 06, 2009 ::

This reads like a sad, sad comedy. It's sad that George Tiller did not truly know Jesus and sadder still that apparently neither does anyone else at his church. If his church had truly represented Christ, they would have warned him against his occupation and the fate that awaits murderers who are not sorry and choose not to reform. If every church had responded to George Tiller in that manner, perhaps it would have inspired something within him. Whether it would have caused him to reform or to abandon the church...at least he wouldn't have been living under false assumptions. His church allowed him to think that he could murder children and yet have a living relationship with Christ. That is so dangerous.

If you love your brother, you warn him, even when it hurts. You show him the chapter and verse which reveals his offense so that he knows it is not coming from you. You let him vent and walk away if he must, but you risk the friendship (and the donation, hello) for love. You risk it for the good of your brother.

I can't think of anything more heartbreaking than a church that does not know Jesus.

I wish Tiller had lived long enough to be given a chance to find Christ, repent and sin no more. As long as there is life, there's a chance. But what is done is done, and I can at least be grateful that no more children will die at his hands.

:: ashli 9:55 PM # ::

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