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:: Thursday, April 23, 2009 ::

Well, this torques me off. First of all, we're talking 17-year-olds, technically still kids. They can't buy a beer until they're 21, but they can unnaturally halt a huge, natural process that studies show has huge health ramifications...oh, not to mention it kills a kid. Yeah, there is that.

In a massive display of cajones, "U.S. District Judge Edward Korman ruled last month in a lawsuit filed in New York that President George W. Bush's appointees let politics, not science, drive their decision to restrict over-the-counter access."

Politics and not science? POLITICS AND NOT SCIENCE??? Are you flipping KIDDING me?!? Is this for freaking REAL??? Oh my gosh, I'm in freakin CRAZY TOWN.

Science, not politics, CLEARLY shows when a human being's life begins. CLEARLY. And everybody knows it. But POLITICS has been the ONLY focus since day freaking one; science has been completely ignored. So I find it oh just a tad more than hypocritical when an abortion supporter cries foul because "science is being ignored." Oh my freaking goodness!!!

"Among many in the medical community, it came to symbolize the decline of science at the agency because top FDA managers refused to go along with the recommendations of scientific staff and outside advisers that the drug be made available with no age restrictions."

Hello, did a three-year-old write this AP article? "decline of science" and "scientific staff." Good freakin' grief. Science, scientific staff and outside advisers. ROFL! It's hilarious! And there are actually real flesh and blood people who eat this bilgewater up! Oh my gosh, it's freakin comedy!

"'The FDA got caught up in a saga, it got caught up in a drama,' said Susan Wood, who served as the agency's top women's health official and resigned in 2005 over delays in issuing a decision. 'This issue served as a clear example of the agency being taken off track, and it highlighted the problems FDA was facing in many other areas.'"

Translation: The FDA didn't rule in favor of my political ideology, so they were "off track." P.S. anyone who questions abortion is a drama queen.

Speaking of drama, did you hear the one about the woman who resigned from her job because it didn't give her an answer about abortion when she wanted it? It's almost like the FDA's top women's health official was, politically speaking, an abortion zealot. Where are the "scientific staff" with their "scientific thingies" (that show that abortion is good) when you need them?

"Early in the Bush administration, more than 60 organizations petitioned the FDA to allow sales without a prescription. But according to court documents, the issue quickly became politicized."

Ooo! >60 organizations? "What's WRONG with that awful ol' woman-hating Bush organization?" LOL! Hey, I wonder W.H.O. those 60 organizations were. I'm sure all were completely politically objective "scientific staff."

"In 2005, the Center for Reproductive Rights and other organizations sued in federal court to force an FDA decision."

Oh, how novel: people who make money off of killing your children want to make even more money off of killing even more of your children. THAT'S progress for women!

"In his ruling, Korman said that FDA staffers were told the White House had been involved in the decision on Plan B. The government said in court papers that politics played no role."

Another novelty: a democrat charging conspiracy.

"The FDA allowed Plan B to be sold without a prescription to adults. But the controversy raged on over access for teens."

I hear the Center for Reproductive Rights' (and "other organizations'") next big lawsuit is whether or not to include Fred Flintstone, a male, in a chewable version of Plan B for those women who are too young yet to actually swallow pills. Thankfully, now that the FDA is back on track under the Obama Administration that decision will be based totally on science.

:: ashli 9:09 AM # ::

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