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:: Saturday, November 01, 2008 ::

"It's sad that John McCain and his supporters are closing their campaign with increasingly angry, desperate, false attacks instead of offering up a single thing John McCain would do differently on the economy than George Bush," said one chickensh*t in defense of another.

By the way, we were waving signs in a public show of support for McCain today, as we've done for a month of Saturdays, and we were, as usual, cussed at and threatened. I guess the llamas don't fall far from the messiah.

To be fair, when I made voter reminder calls for the Republican party, I did encounter some racism (from whites), and I was shocked and disgusted. For all these people knew my husband was a black man and my children were biracial like Obama. People need to learn that if they're going to be bastards, they should keep their mouths shut.

I also got "schooled" on the subject of abortion from abortion supporters whose plans to vote for Hillary Clinton for president were thwarted by Obama. As it was not my function to discuss abortion, I chose to ignore the comments, closing with a blurb regarding what a privilege it had been to talk to them. This I did for the sake of the children, because the truth of the matter, folks, is that talk is cheap and votes can thrill or kill.

On a positive note, in a predominantly African American county with approximately 23,000 registered Democrats and 3,000 registered Republicans, there were many waves of support for McCain from African American people who are absolutely not drinking the Kool Aid. Maybe they know that Barak Hussein Obama supports abortion and will appoint supreme court judges who will continue to ensure that more African American children are aborted than born. Whatever the case may be, I salute these individuals, because around here, to be an African American voting for McCain would likely be a very isolating experience. It would take a lot of courage and a lot of character and probably a fair amount of secrecy.

God bless anyone, no matter the color of their skin, who does not consider skin color to be a presidential qualification.

:: ashli 8:22 PM # ::

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