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:: Friday, October 24, 2008 ::

You know, we don't have cable. We seriously get like four channels, one of them being the Weather Channel. That's alright with us, because we're Christian homeschoolers; we're over the top to win our kids for Christ, and we consider the vast majority of television programming to be morally harmful to our children.

For the most part, the entertainment industry is just another cog in the machine of conforming to this world that we are in but not of. So we try to set ourselves apart by setting apart what we allow ourselves and our children to watch. We're not scared of the other stuff. Don't forget: my bmom was a stripper in New York City in the 60's-70's; I was raised to LOVE liberal. Each of my bparents aborted a child, and so did I. Click clack, I followed down that track. I voted for Clinton, for Pete's sake. (I'm sorry.)

No, there is no fear here. My husband and I have lived mediocrity and are just not satisfied. Back to television...

We have a lot of friends who don't have TVs at all, and though that is a great idea, we have two, along with DVD players that we attempt to fill with only wholesome programs. Andy Griffith is one of our absolute favorites.

Mayberry, the sleepy little town with the God-fearing sheriff who is oft found singing hymns on his front porch to the sweet harmonizing of Don Knotts. Oh, I know, that's only acting, but Don played one of the voices in the Christian children's video series Hermie, and Andy has produced a slew of gospel albums.

Folks, Don is dead, and I hope he is with Christ this very moment. But dear ol' Andy is alive and kicking and taking part in such items as this:

See more Ron Howard videos at Funny or Die

Well, well, well...the blank check of "change" rears its foolish head once again. Kinda like the word "choice." It sounds GREAT, but what does it really mean?

Little Ronnie Howard, Andy Griffith (for SHAME) and "the Fonz" standing up for the "Will kill for sex," (abortion) candidate. Isn't it heartwarming.

So, an Obama presidency would never be as "divisive" as a Bush presidency. Are you freaking kidding me? Who writes this tripe? Worse, who BELIEVES it?


I suppose we'll still watch Andy Griffith, because the show was great, and we already paid for the DVD sets long ago. But privately, this is going to ruin it for me. Son of a gun.


:: ashli 6:32 AM # ::

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