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:: Tuesday, October 07, 2008 ::

No freedom of speech in Kenya.

Speaking of speech...

I wore my Sarah Palin T-shirt to the grocery store last night, and a fellow Republican commented that she liked it. She said she was going to make another donation to the Republican party this Saturday, and I said, "That's the spirit!" to which another woman practically yelled, "WHATEVER!" So I wheeled my cart over to her and told her that we vote pro-life, and since Obama supports abortion it was not possible to vote for him. She replied, "Well, everybody got they own choice!" I answered, "NO ONE should have THAT choice."

She happened to be African American, and I should have informed her about abortion by saying, "3 in 5 African American children are aborted in this country, which means more African American children are aborted than born! If you are happy with those numbers then you go right ahead and vote for Obama."

I missed the boat this time, but you can bet that I will not make the same mistake again.

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