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:: Friday, October 10, 2008 ::

I received an interesting email this morning that wasn't written by David Plouffe but was interesting anyway:


I know this might pain you, but an e-mail I received this morning from The Matthew 25 Network announcing the launch of ProlifeproObama.com has turned my heart around (please send me $5 or more). I now know that "Barack Obama will bring the kind of systemic, grassroots, bottom-up change we need to help families to choose life and reduce the abortion rate in this country.

It's completely non-partisan -- although its founder is Mara Vandersplice, the former Director of Religious Outreach for the Kerry-Edwards campaign, that campaign is obviously over. Plus, she was featured in the New York Times, the Washington Post and was on the Colbert Report. And Sharee McKenzie Taylor, its chief fundraiser (please give me $5 or more) was a corporate lawyer at a huge Manhattan law firm. No, neither of them could possibly have souls, but that just makes them like the rest of us sinners.

I found their reaction to Palin's convention speech particularly moving. Instead of calling her a liar, they are trying quietly to help her as a Christian by circulating an online petition asking her to PUT AWAY FALSEHOOD (and asking you before signing, to "please consider a donation to help us keep spreading our message"):

As Christians, we are called to be respectful and loving toward our neighbors, honoring their intentions even if we disagree with their plans. We are also called to "put away falsehood" (Eph 4:25) and to refrain from slandering, belittling, or speaking out of contempt for anyone . . .

To be blunt, we saw very little of Jesus' love in Sarah Palin's speech, as she heaped contempt on those who disagree with her politically, while offering no vision for how to resolve the critical issues facing Americans today like job loss, health care, growing child poverty rates and the war in Iraq.

Moreover, as has been documented by major media sources including the Associated Press, Palin spoke falsehoods not only about her own record, but about Barack Obama's record as a State Senator and as a U.S. Senator. As Christians, we are called throughout Scripture to speak the whole truth, to put away falsehood, to bear true witness even when it hurts our own interests. The name of Jesus should never be associated with falsehoods or deception, but in Sarah Palin's speech, we believe it was.

We all know what Jesus really wants his name associated with, and, if you need a hint, it's a common medical procedure (please send us $250-$2,500). Oh, and now that you've gotten your purse out, go to their online store and get a tee shirt or a bumper sticker. You can really tell how pro-life they are by their refusal to put the word "pro-life" or anything associated with . . . uh . . . that common medical procedure on the merchandise -- Jesus calls on them to be modest and not draw attention to themselves, particularly not loud guffaws.

And finally, don't forget to go to their Put Away Falsehood anti-smear page, where, among other things, they claim that "Senator Obama has never supported gay marriage."

So the Llamas are building Bible Web sites and twisting the Word of God to heap their voluminous mountain of stinking falsehood upon anyone ignorant enough to listen. A very spiritually dangerous business, that.

2 Peter 3:16

But in all seriousness, I once was lost. I religiously attended an abortion-supporting church (pastored by a lesbian) and murdered my own child. I am no better than the Llamas. But Jesus is. As I was found, so too can they be. Yes, they make me furious, because they are hurting people and mocking God, but I pray for their salvation--not because I'm a "good Christian," but because at the end of the day I see myself and know who I am. I know that I do not deserve salvation but death. Instead God found me on the proverbial road to Damascus and called out my name. I will never know why. I can only be grateful. I can only reject the darkness of my own immoral nature and strive against it as a living expression of my relationship with Him. I can only hope that others who are now in darkness (and reveling in it like I did) will one day see and embrace the Light of the world that they might have the privilege of serving the King (and I don't mean Elvis, baby) and the joy of being called His sons and daughters.

It is true: Obama and his dishonest, Bible-perverting followers are our enemies. Resist them with all your might, call them out again and again, but endeavor to love them. I have not always done this, but I will try to, especially in the coming weeks.

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