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:: Tuesday, October 07, 2008 ::

I have found Weekly Reader (WR) to be very helpful in teaching my kids about the presidency, election, government, etc. However, we came across page 2 of the Ready, Set, Vote! teacher's guide yesterday and it piqued my interest.

We all thought it was curious that WR refers to Obama as an "African American" when his mother was Caucasian. If his mother was white and his father is black, doesn't that make him as much a Caucasian as an African American? Why then did WR choose to refer to him as African American? Is "biracial" a bad thing? What kind of message does this send to other biracial Americans, especially the biracial children reading WR? Or is WR merely sending a subtle political message to the African American population? If so, should we really be voting (or not voting) based on skin tone?

Wow, that's freakin scary.

:: ashli 1:04 PM # ::

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