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:: Thursday, October 16, 2008 ::

Hey, way to use an originally anti-abortion document to try and make a case that supports and promotes abortion!

Ask anyone who has been coerced and "guilted" into losing a child in an abortion: In the land of legalized abortion, it is no longer a choice, but a woman's responsibility. Apparently the naive Obama didn't get the memo.

Quote o' the debate:

Obama: "Nobody's pro-abortion. I think it's always a tragic situation. We should try to reduce these circumstances."

Really? Obama thinks it's a "tragic" situation? Hmm. WHY? Why does Obama refer to abortion as "tragic?"

I had an appendectomy, some tooth extractions, a laminectomy and a discectomy, but you know, I have no single shred of loss. I have no guilt, no grief. The anatomical structures removed from my body were part of my body, each smidgen of bone and tissue bore solely my genetic makeup. My body, my choice.

But when another person's body was within my body, and I had that body mangled and removed...you must understand that that wasn't my body, and so it wasn't my choice.

What's "tragic" about abortion is that it destroys what Obama and others truly know to be a living, growing human being, a child with his/her own unique genetic code. Obama's argument is not with the anti-abortion movement; it's with nature, and since he identifies himself as a "Christian," we may even say that his argument is with God Himself, Who made women with the ability to carry within our bodies the bodies of others.

That doesn't make us disadvantaged or unequal. On the contrary, in many ways, we can smugly say that we have an especially creative capacity that men simply do not. And I'll tell you, when I worked in the funeral industry I was witness to autopsies on occasion and, you can ask any physician, women are just internally built better than men. We have to be; we carry life. And Obama knows it, which is why he refers to abortion as "tragic."

It's tragic because it involves death, the intentional destruction of an innocent human being, a child, and therefore it should not be legal. Not because of my hurt feelings or someone else's feelings of accomplishment or satisfaction...but because it violates our U.S. Constitution by ending the life of a human being who has not been found guilty of any crime.

Obama makes a right to privacy argument, but the right simply does not exist. Even if it did, I do not have the right to beat and/or rape my children in the privacy of my own home. I could not go before a judge and argue, "Sorry, Judge, but you're invading my privacy." No, I'd go to jail, and we all understand that, because it is logical. Abortion is illogical. In deciding Roe v. Wade the supreme court didn't say these little ones weren't little ones. They only said they didn't know and therefore abortion was OK. WHAT?

Would any among us, abortion opponent or supporter, thinking that our diapered toddler *might* be behind our car, back out of our driveway without first making certain that what we were doing would not result in the death of a child? Or would we just plow away in *hopes* that our child was safely inside the house?

What are we doing, America? What are we buying into?

Nothing Obama is selling.

:: ashli 12:59 PM # ::

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