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:: Wednesday, October 22, 2008 ::

Bitchin'; the Ace of Spades is ON IT:

"Have no doubts: Obama's surrogates and the media (but I repeat myself) will insist that McCain stop campaigning for three or four critical days a week and a half out from an election.

I feel bad about his grandmother. I will not however allow him to pull a Johnny Fairplay to grab immunity in a presidential election."

So watch as that prediction becomes a reality, and do not miss the comments.

Nevermind that I have never ever one single flipping time logged on to Comcast's homepage and seen even one Obama-related headline that did anything but glorify "The One." Today, I log on and find, yet again, some kind of anti-Palin utter meaningless nonsense headlining.

Forget all the serious Obama-related questions like, is he in fact even a flipping American citizen and if so, WHY won't he release his birth certificate and medical and schooling info like every flipping body else has already been happy to do? Disregard how deeply in bed The One may have been with ACORN or William Flipping Ayers. THAT, my friends, is negative and brings Republican campaigning to an all time low.

No, let's focus on positive campaigning, on the issues that threaten to unhinge the earth's gravitational pull and throw our galaxy into chaos...such as how much donation money the Republican party has spent on Sarah Palin's look. And, God in heaven, how much she has spent on GASP! taking her children with her on business trips. Look how she tried to get away with involving them in service projects in any capacity they were able. That, ladies and gentlemen, is grounds for vice presidential disqualification, not to mention tarring and feathering.

Thank the Lord that Comcast is focusing on the big issues, otherwise we might be duped by the dispicably family-oriented Palin who, as we all know from the plane she didn't sell on eBay (Ah ha! Another scandal!) is a money grubber who feeds off of taxpayers' finances like some sort of a political placostamus any chance she gets.

Who would not agree that Sarah Palin should be buying her own Aquanet and riding a low-emissions hybrid tricycle to all her gigs? I want to see the headline that expresses outrage over her and her multiple children sucking up air that belongs to the rest of us. That is sure to be the media's October surprise.

After breaking his promise NOT to accept public financing, just where is Obama's half a billion coming from? WHO CARES!!! What I want to know is did Sarah Palin use Republican donations to buy Trig diapers at any time while campaigning here in the 48 contiguous states!!!

Just so you know, if Sarah Palin were coming to Tallahassee, Florida today, I would single handedly make a Republican donation for an Ultimate Day for her and each of her girls at Chelsea's Spa.

This election has taught me two things:
1. Journalism is DEAD.
2. The democratic process is on its last leg.

:: ashli 4:15 PM # ::

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