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:: Sunday, August 31, 2008 ::

"Sarah Palin is not [Trig's] mother."

If Sarah's "exploited" baby wasn't really hers do you know how utterly STUPID she would have to be thinking she could just lie her way through something as huge as McCain's VP nod?! LOL! It's LAUGHABLE! This gal appears to be ohhhh kind of a smart woman, and I'm thinking she would know how easy it would be for opponents to prove that her daughter was actually Trig's mother. Surely someone would come out of the woodwork leaking photos of her pregnant daughter, or photocopies of confidential medical files would mysteriously appear in the media--SOMETHING.

BTW, the use of the photos of Bristol to prove this bizarre, loser theory is pathetic. I guess dems don't care about giving a young lady a major complex in a society that demands physical perfection. Nice. At any rate, if Bristol was taking family photos with a mom in politics, and she had been pregnant, and it was a big taboo secret, don't you think she might have been encouraged not to wear the current trend of skin-tight clothing? Hello.

At any rate, Sarah would have to be a complete moron to try to pull off such a stunt, and I gotta tell ya, she just doesn't appear to be moron material to me (unlike Joe Biden who not only lied about his education but also, inexplicably, lied about the circumstances surrounding a valid, horrific family tragedy).

While dems are busy showing video footage that is supposed to be proof of a "non-pregnant" Sarah (who totally looks 5 months pregnant in the video with her stylish maternity top covering her bump), these "champions of women's rights" are spouting off highly discriminatory comments about how pregnant women should and should not conduct themselves. Apparently, the new democratic slogan is "Do not question a woman's choice to abort but do question both her right to exercise during pregnancy and her sense of maternity fashion." A little long for a T-shirt, but since when have Obama supporters made good T-shirt-related decisions.

I got news for dems: pregnant women like haute couture, and pregnant women jog. Re: the latter, Sarah just might have been referring to her non-pregnant, usual activities, but that's not the point. I wouldn't have been able to do this while pregnant, but that doesn't mean the depicted yoga-practicing mother is a liar. Heck, I couldn't even get out of bed while pregnant, but I realize that women are wonderful and varied and have many different circumstances, experiences and abilities. Some lay in a bed puking through their whole entire pregnancy and some spend those nine months jogging their guts out. That's life on the big blue marble, and Obama llamas need to accept it, because if that's all they've got, they should pretty much be toast come November.

HT: The Raving Atheist

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