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:: Wednesday, April 23, 2008 ::

"The Reproductive Rights Action League of Yale at first said it had 'no official opinion on the matter,' according to Yale Daily News. After the project received such resound universal condemnation, however, it found one. Along with Yale Law Students for Reproductive Justice, it has released this nonsensical statement, admirably avoiding the A-word:
Although we stand by the right to reproductive freedom, we cannot approve of her approach and presentation. The facts concerning the controversy remain unclear, but the consequences are very real and must be addressed. Like most who have heard of these events, we are shocked by the content of the art piece in question and the manner in which very serious aspects of reproductive rights have been treated. …

But what was wrong with Shvarts' 'approach and presentation?' Do tell, what are the 'consequences' to whatever it is you disapprove? What about the content was so 'shock[ing]?' Oh, and what are the 'very serious aspects of reproductive rights?'"

LOL! Right on! Read it in its entirety at Stanek's blog.

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