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:: Wednesday, March 05, 2008 ::


Women aren't cows! RIGHT ON!!!

Some thoughts on the clip:

1. Sex can decline in marriage because you get so much of it that it can get old. If you don't understand this concept see Bruce Bogtrotter and the chocolate cake scene from Matilda. (Sex is cake, baby!) However, there are some sick, sick individuals (joking) who never seem to get enough. I know people in their 50's who mate like bunnies. They should seek psychological help. (Joking again.)

2. If sex could possibly get "old," then is it really more important than substance (i.e., the actual person)? You're going to spend more time being around your mate than on top of your mate. The most awesome sex in the entire world would not make me want to tolerate an annoying man even 50% of the time. (I.e., if Borat were the absolute Master of Kama Sutra, would YOU want to marry him?) Substance is how guys like Tom Hanks are sexy.

3. If someone has to have sex early on to determine whether or not they will continue a relationship, that suggests that sex is more important than an actual relationship. (In which case, stay home and please yourself; nobody does it better.) What is a "bad lover" anyway? Don't talk to me about technique or size. If I can learn to crochet, I know a husband can hone his technique. And if penis-less lesbians can satisfy each other I KNOW a husband can find some way to satisfy his wife. Personally, if I were searching for someone to marry, I'd pick a guy who makes me laugh over a mediocre guy with a golden schlong. If the guy's an annoying, self-absorbed slob, the best sex in the whole entire universe will neither make him a good husband nor a good father. Sex as "the" defining issue is LAME.

4. In spite of sex "getting old" in marriage, I'll bet if you tallied up "events" for married and unmarried persons, the married person would be getting way more nukie than the unmarried person in a year. And if you tallied it up for a span of time, say a decade...or even forty years, the married person would win hands down. While no one likes to think about their parents actually having sex (EW!), I accidentally found rubbers in my mom's underwear drawer when she was in her SIXTIES!!! (She hit menopause wayyyy late.)

I hope I've made my point about sex in marriage.
I'm going to go bathe in bleach now.

:: ashli 10:22 PM # ::

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