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:: Monday, February 18, 2008 ::

You know, this just continues to tick me off:
Bill "I-did-not-have-sexual-relations-with-that-woman" Clinton telling LIFERS to tell the truth!

The audacity!

I mean, it would be comical if the man and his interesting wife had no power. But the horrifying fact is THEY DO. Listen to the duped abort-o-bots cheering in the crowd. (I used to be one of them, btw, and I'm sorry.) Chug, chug, chug...part of the machine.

Bet when Clinton "went off" he didn't stop to think that hey, maybe some of the kids holding signs were hurt by abortion after being duped by the machine. Nope, it's just a "political issue" on which we disagree.

GIVE ME A FREAKIN' BREAK! This ain't no game here, dude. This is life and death and the continued degradation of a nation. This is sanctioned child killing, and he KNOWS it, otherwise he wouldn't have used the term MOTHER.

He used the term MOTHER, people!!! Even Bill Clinton knows that a mother's child is at the crux of the abortion issue. He didn't say "woman," he didn't say, "individual;" he said MOTHER.

A woman is only a mother if she has a child.

Once again feeling like Charlton Heston...

:: ashli 2:20 PM # ::

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