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:: Saturday, December 22, 2007 ::

Good grief, look at all the flaming negativity (the poll) re: Jamie Lynn Spears' unplanned pregnancy. Planned Parenthood (and abortion supporters who probably make up half of the American population) are always saying, "Your kids are having sex--YOUR kids--as much of it as they can, whether you like it or not!" and then they pimp contraception. But when Jamie Lynn Spears has an unplanned pregnancy the nation is shocked! She becomes a "train wreck," people lump her in with her troubled sister, and the term "trailer trash" is thrown around.

Because she had sex? Couldn't be--that would by hypocrisy 101. Because she got pregnant? Couldn't be, because that implies she did it by herself, and besides, everyone knows contraception cannot guarantee that users will not become pregnant. Again, hypocrisy. Is it because she is responsible enough to give birth to the living, growing child she now carries?

Oh shame on her for not killing the baby she and her boyfriend chose to make when they accepted the risk of "gettin' they teenaged freak on."

Sex, sex, sex. All the teens are having sex. So why is everyone in such an uproar that Jamie Lynn Spears had some? And why isn't Planned Parenthood coming to girlfriend's public defense when it's perfectly normal??? So again, is everyone really upset that Jamie Lynn had sex or are they just ticked off that she didn't kill her child in an abortion like everyone in her situation is expected to do?

If I was a gamblin' gal, I'd bet big money that the fact that she had teen sex isn't viewed as irresponsible as meeting her unplanned pregnancy with unplanned joy instead of abortion.

Well, GOOD FOR YOU, Jamie Lynn! You've got chutzpah and a lot more class than the public is giving you credit for. You hang in there and enjoy this special time with your precious little one. At 16 you already understand that moms should make sacrifices for their kids, not of them.

You're going to be OK!

:: ashli 12:10 AM # ::

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