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:: Friday, November 30, 2007 ::

It's Perfectly Normal

I guess it's "pefectly normal" when the activities lead little 12-year-old girls right to the doors of their local Planned Parenthood abortion businesses...where adults abort and kill adolescents' "perfectly normal" babies...because while 10-year-olds are apparently old enough to act like adults in bed, and old enough to deal with the emotional repercussions of having their own children extracted from their bodies and thus killed, they're not old enough to have a baby.


Is it me, or does it make more sense to teach children to choose not to have sex until they are ready to have a baby, because babies come from having sex, and it's a big huge deal to either have a baby or kill one?

"Perfectly Normal?" To the devil with that; I choose common freaking sense, hello!

:: ashli 12:38 AM # ::

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