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:: Thursday, August 30, 2007 ::

Look at this story published in World magazine. It gives an account of our own Patte Smith being physically attacked by a man who accompanied a woman to a late term abortion appointment.

"Using the assailant's license plate, police learned that his name is Dr. Nelson Kraucak, a practitioner of traditional and holistic medicine. Kraucak did not return two calls from WORLD requesting an interview. But the Orange County Clerk of Court confirmed that the Orlando state attorney's office on Dec. 21 filed battery charges against the physician."

The article is on how the media turns a blind eye to the violence committed against people who are anti-abortion.

Here is a page with much on the subject. It includes Patte's video referenced in the aforementioned World article:

The court decided that the man shown in the video was not guilty of attacking Patte the pro-lifer.

Is this the same guy the Florida Department of Health previously found to demonstrate "a lack of honesty, integrity and judgment and an unwillingness to abide by law?"

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