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:: Saturday, July 21, 2007 ::

How to say no to someone you don't want to say no to:

"Hey, ***. I got the fundraiser solicitation from *** (along with the humorous pic of ***) and now find myself in a most awkward position.

The Predicament
I have this friend who not only wholeheartedly supports one of my biggest crusades but who has personally sacrificed for it...not to mention the fact that**********. You must know that verily there is little I would not do for this friend. And yet...

I can't contribute to MOD because:

1. I suspect that one of MOD's agendas is in fact eugenics (via the one-two combo of prenatal screening and TOP), and what I know about MOD (and their various advisory committee members, grants, etc.) does not convince me otherwise, despite their firm declarations to the contrary.

2. I'm fairly convinced that TOP (particularly repeat and advanced term) can increase the risk of preterm birth1-2 (which could explain why there are more cases of preterm birth today than twenty years ago when repeat and advanced term TOP rates were lower).3

So although I support you 110%, the combination of my suspicions and deep convictions prevents me from participating in the MOD fundraiser. However, I have made a $25 donation to the Michael Fund (International Foundation for Genetic Research) in your honor. I hope that can suffice, and I hope you understand that you have all my respect and admiration for the good things you are ultimately trying to achieve on behalf of your fellow man.

1. Ancel PY, et al. History of induced abortion as a risk factor for preterm birth in European countries: results of the EUROPOP survey
Hum Reprod. (Mar 2004)v19n3p734-40

2. Zhou W, et al. Induced abortion and subsequent pregnancy duration
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3. CDC/NCHS Legal abortions and legal abortion ratios, by selected patient characteristics, United States, selected years 1973-2003
Health, United States, 2006. Table 16 Page 171

HT: Banannie @ aA for footnotes 1 and 2..

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