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:: Thursday, May 17, 2007 ::

This is Trisomy 18.

This is love...

Separated only by time left on earth...

I have an old friend who had a daughter with Trisomy 18. She chose late term abortion. She has no regrets. She also has no memory of kisses against the warm cheek of her living infant, no 99 days of cuddling, no memories of how she smelled, no assurance that her daughter ever knew her love, no pictures or video of her daughter alive, no birthday celebrations, no memory of what her daughter was like, no memories of bathing and dressing her child...

Eliot probably suffered some in spite of his parents' diligent efforts. My friend's daughter suffered during the late term abortion that her mother requested and paid for. And she never laid eyes on her mother's face, never felt her mommy's caress, was never held and rocked and sung to...

Eliot was only given a short time on this earth, and his parents didn't take that time away from him. He had trisomy 18. He also had the powerful love of two parents who understood that love does no harm--Trisomy 18 may, but love never does.

Thanks for your love, Mom and Dad Mooney. Thanks for your beautiful example. In the face of terrible adversity, you lived in such a way that God's love could bless you with the full richness of Eliot's life and the fondest of memories.

HT: JD (You're SO the best!)

:: ashli 2:47 PM # ::

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