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:: Wednesday, April 18, 2007 ::

It won't prevent one death, you understand, but it will prevent partial birth abortion, and a lethal injection is better than having your brains sucked out. So I suppose it's some sort of triumph.

Reminder to those who feel the ruling threatens a woman's health:
Partial birth abortion has been deemed (by doctors) never medically necessary. Inductions or C-sections can be initiated, and the baby is so far along that there is a chance of survival at this point, i.e., no one has to die for Mom's health to be spared.

Could it be that certain people are angry because partial birth abortion really isn't about saving a mother's life...but about the right of a woman to kill her child any way she sees fit...as long as some portion of the child's body remains inside her own, therefore ensuring that "sweet" classification of a living human child as a non-person with all the legal protection of a wart?

:: ashli 2:44 PM # ::

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