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:: Thursday, March 15, 2007 ::

Aren't these "after abortion" cards just precious!

God is right there by your side,
requiring nothing of you
and holding your hand
as you kill His children.

Indeed, everyone who chooses to end the life of a growing child should be encouraged by the sweet tenderness of a Hallmark moment that reaffirms the brainwashing mantra of "you did the right thing."

As one card says:

"I think you're strong
smart, thoughtful and
caring. I believe in you
and your ability to
make the best decision.
I think you did the
right thing."

After all, killing your own gestating child is always the right thing for any reason. It's so thoughtful and caring. And there's no one smarter than the person who has consensual sex and gets pregnant when she absolutely doesn't want to be pregnant.

As long as strength means making someone else suffer the deadly consequences of your own "smart" choices, these cards will be appropriate.

:: ashli 6:56 PM # ::

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