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:: Tuesday, March 07, 2006 ::

''Silence and secrecy has been the most frustrating component of this case," Wendy Murphy, Avrett's mother, told the Globe. ''It just seems inhumane that information about this child can be forbidden on the theory that it's somehow protecting her privacy, when you consider that this child almost died under the state's care."

This statement kind of torques me off, because Haleigh's biological mother advocated KILLING Haleigh when obviously, there was a chance that the little girl could get better. Who knows? Better may not be "good enough" for Avrett. This is what worries me about giving her any say.

I don't have a problem with the information. Tell Avrett everything about her daughter's condition. Increase visitation. Let her stay day and night and engage in healthy devotion. Haleigh seems to value her company.

Do as much as possible to help this misguided mom and this precious child to heal as much of their tragically broken relationship as they can... but don't put life and death in the hands of Avrett. Don't give her that kind of control. She has already proved she is not worthy of it.

:: ashli 10:39 AM # ::

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