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:: Wednesday, March 01, 2006 ::

"Allison is frustrated," Murphy said, according to the Globe report. "She wants to do what is best for Haleigh."

This is a scary comment coming from someone who has said that what is best is for Haleigh to be dead. It would be more than difficult for a mother to deal with the tremendous amount of guilt that comes with having a daughter who has been tortured for basically her whole 12 years on this earth. It might be easier in fact for a mother just to chuck it all by applying for the "clean slate" of envisioning her tragically abused child as a radiant spirit floating around in God's heavenly playground. If Haleigh is allowed to live and recover enough to understand what happened to her in her youth and communicate her perceptions and feelings about that as an adult, her mother stands to go through some additional emotional turbulence.

This is assuming that in spite of the changes with Haleigh, there has been no change with her mother. Personally, I pray that both of them will be rehabilitated, and I wish that they could be reunited. Yes, I said that. But on the condition that Mom has been rehabilitated, which may not ever happen. In a perfect world...

I'm elated to learn that Haleigh is receiving physical, speech and occupational therapy, and I wonder if her opportunity to receive these things has anything to do with the Terri Schiavo situation. One of the huge criticisms in that case was that Terri was never afforded any type of recuperative therapy.

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