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:: Thursday, February 23, 2006 ::

This Catholic school makes me sick. So the teacher made a poor choice. She didn't compound that poor choice with an even poorer one: aborting the child she chose to risk making when she "kicked it" with a man who never officially pledged a thing to her.

No one argues, by the way, that facing an unplanned pregnancy as a single parent can be a daunting concept. Hello, this is one of the reasons kickin' it outside of marriage is kind of a bad idea. Unless you're into killing your children, which too many people are OK with these days.

This Catholic educator did not embrace the sex outside of marriage issue. She did not contend that it was her right to continue doing it, to publicly support it, she didn't hold placards on a sidewalk or do a newspaper interview extolling the virtues of premarital sex. She goofed. We all goof. That's why there's a Christian school in the first place: we all need Christ, baby.

If anything, they should have held the woman up as an example of messing up but having the faith to turn from it and "sin no more". She came forward, admitted it to her empoloyers, and assured them that she would pick up the pieces right here, right now... and live her faith by having a baby in spite of the embarrassment associated with being single and pregnant in her particular crowd. Egads! The only difference between her and everyone else at the school and church is that a sweet li'l baby bump advertises her specific sin. Whoop-dee-do. You know half the men in church get a hidden tingle up their spine with the plunging neckline of a sister-in-Christ. Don't tell me we're not a bunch of problematic animals; Lord he'p us.

I love this young woman. She's courageous and she's doing the right thing in spite of her employers' shabby handling of the situation and their sickening alienation of this gal. I'm glad Serrin Foster came out in support of the new teacher.

Maybe someone should inform the Catholic school that it might be nice if THEY actually "conveyed the faith and the gospel values".

Before anyone even says a thing, let me just clarify that if a Catholic teacher moonlighted as an abortion business escort, got caught, was lovingly chastised, reeducated, truly saw the error of her ways, and turned from them, I don't think a Catholic school should fire her either. She should be offered the chance to determine if she's still "wit' J.C." If she decides she knows "better" than what is written in His best-selling Novel, then boot her ever-lovin' arse right out the parochial door, wipe the dust from the sandal that imprinted her proverbial rear, and move on.

That's the distinction for me.

:: ashli 2:48 AM # ::

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