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:: Tuesday, February 21, 2006 ::

I have been reading letters from an online abortion support group, and needless to say, I haven't been getting much sleep lately. While not judging the women individually, their attitudes and actions are atrocious. I contend that most women actually DO know that they are killing their children in abortions. And they're OK with that. Very OK.

This week we have situation one: [recently deleted as the mom is now waffling, and I don't want this post to push her over the edge]

We also have a British gal who was hired here in the States to nanny the children of a married couple whose male half likes to visit the nanny's bed often. She has already had a son by him, and his wife apparently doesn't suspect a thing. Baby number two was wanted by the nanny but not by her employer and so was aborted at 5 months in a 2-day procedure six weeks ago.

She talks very openly and matter-of-factly about the abortion business "putting the baby to sleep" with the shot (digoxin) and admits that after they killed the baby (my word, not hers) they asked her if she was there of her own free will. When she said that she absolutely was not, they said, "Too late now!" Isn't that precious.

She was in 2 days of horrible pain, and her "so relieved" employer told her to "take it like a woman". After "the removal" as she calls it, she was mad at the employer who went home and immediately knocked his wife up with a baby he is giddy about having. The angry nanny naturally responded with a heightened sex drive which is fine for her employer who still can't keep himself from her bed. She thinks she might be pregnant again, six weeks after the late term abortion of her second child. She is "pissed off" that her employer coerced her into aborting that child and wants to have another baby.

Why don't we see these conversations on General Foods International coffee commercials for Cafe Vienna?

"Ahhh... I remember that summer in France... my tummy was so big that 'the removal' was painful, but after two days Jean Luke told me to take it like a woman, and we were kickin' it like bunnies within six weeks."

I want to see this in a commercial, because this is normal, right? It's a snapshot of normal women with normal lives who are making normal "choices". Please somebody celebrate the frickin moments of their lives, because I just don't have enough of my own putrid fodder keeping me awake at night.

Cripes. Forget the kids, folks, because they're just not the concern. In the land of looking good in a bikini, boobies, not babies, are the point of appeal.

This is where we are after 30 years of abortion. I don't even want to imagine where we're headed.

:: ashli 3:43 PM # ::

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