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:: Wednesday, December 14, 2005 ::

I have decided only to update the online total with donations received because we had a little problem early on with people making pledges that they, for whatever reason, did not or could not honor. So as soon as the church receives a contribution, you will see it deducted from the total need posted online here at the SICLE Cell. (I normally hear from the secretary of the church, who checks the mail at the post office, approximately once a week.)

Any funds that we receive over the total mortgage need will go to pay the mother's other mounting bills, especially medical bills, as Medicaid has not yet kicked in (and they seem to be taking their sweet time on that). We have been tossing the idea of a midwife back and forth to try and figure out a way to get affordable medical care for this mother thus avoiding excessive hospital fees, but unfortunately, she has some health issues that may make that impossible. Her health (and the baby's health) is our main concern obviously and we are taking the utmost care not to jeopardize that in any way.

As I say, the mortgage payment is currently one of her biggest financial concerns but there are plenty more to contend with, so whatever we receive over the amount, if anything, will go to help the mom financially and will certainly not be misued.

This is a genuine, worthy endeavor and I am eternally grateful for those who are playing a tremendous, positive part.

:: ashli 12:59 PM # ::

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