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:: Monday, October 10, 2005 ::

You can be an evangelical and you can be self-described pro-life," Gary Bauer, president of the American Values Coalition, said of Miers. "But it doesn't tell us what she will do about a decision like Roe that has been set in stone now for over 30 years. And that's the rub."

Roe is no more set in stone than the Dred Scott decision was set in stone. Bad law was meant to be changed.

If America (not Planned Parenthood, but actual America) ever decides that mutillating and killing women and children is uncool then the law should reflect that no matter how long civil rights have been legally trampled on.

(I wonder why abortion supporters weren't singing the same "set in stone" tune when laws protecting people from abortion were the general standard for over a hundred years in this country. Hmm...)

:: ashli 8:29 AM # ::

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