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:: Wednesday, October 05, 2005 ::

I could only watch a fraction of this absolutely appalling picture of the unraveling of the culture of America's youth. Aside from parents who seem to have been duped out of their roles by the lies of modern liberalism, "parentless" children were jumping in and out of the sack like bunnies. It was painful to watch.

Too much freedom, too much unearned liberty can turn into a flipping fetter.

Of course the good folks at Discovery Health interviewed the "experts" at Planned Parenthood. When one young girl expressed her genuine committment to abstinence, her Planned Parenthood counselor was very skeptical stating, in an "oh, the poor, silly girl" tone, that it was probably not a very realistic notion. She seemed genuinely disappointed in the girl's intent to abstain from having childhood sex.

What is interesting is that the PP employee didn't seem to trust the teen's private choice to abstain, citing that the youngster was probably being "unrealistic". And yet, were that same teen to go to PP with a choice to abort, that would never, ever be questioned, because juveniles always know what is best for them, especially in a flipping crisis, riiiiiiight?

One thing I do know... PP doesn't really make a ton of money off of a kid who doesn't need birth control pills, doesn't have an STD to treat, and doesn't have a baby for them to abort. Where the almighty dollar is concerned, no bar-raising is allowed.

It's certainly not all PP's fault. They wouldn't do business at all if parents weren't providing them with "patients". We had better flipping straigten up and start raising our kids instead of giving them the "freedom" to raise themselves.

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