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:: Thursday, August 18, 2005 ::

This touched me deeply for obvious reasons.
HT: Aa

Surprisingly, I found that it also comforted me regarding the disposal of my first child's body. We had asked the abortion business if they would consent to turning our child's body over to our funeral director. Our request was rejected. With an uncomfortable wincing, the abortion facility worker told us, "I'm sorry, we really can't do that."

It bothers me. Ridiculous, isn't it. Of course, nothing about any of it doesn't bother me. Being killed in the womb is despicable. Being disposed of as waste is only a cherry on top of that Snot-Sundae. Even so. It has pained me.

Reading the story of Maximilian Kolbe, I find that I have stumbled upon a petit four of comfort. Kolbe, a diamond, was killed and disposed of as garbage. And I see, a little more clearly, that it doesn't matter; It could never touch the beauty of what he was.

The value, the loveliness of what and who my child was... these are at least two things abortion had no power over. The abortionist and I... we couldn't take these things away.

For a moment, a tender moment, I rock softly my little one in the safe place in my heart that never consented to any part of the SICLE.

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