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:: Thursday, August 11, 2005 ::

Look up "total deception" in the dictionary and you will find this cartoon. HT: Aa

The choice to do (horrible graphic link with video and sound) this to a child is equated with the right to choose what vegetables you will eat for dinner or what sports team you will root for.

Abortion opponents, of which I am one, are portrayed as squatty evil villians and living-dead corpses. But don't worry, the violence-opposing abortion advocates at Planned Parenthood take care of that by decapitating, exploding, and boiling those pesky "lifers". They also hurl verbal insults at "anti-choicers" and use the cuteness and innocence of a baby to sell abortion.

Ahhhh! It's got everything!

:: ashli 12:44 PM # ::

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