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:: Wednesday, August 03, 2005 ::

From "Sidewalk Counselor" Patte:

Sanctuary Ministries
Saturday, July 23, 2005
Hyde Park Center for Women
(owned by James Scott Pendergraft)
Tampa, Florida

Our Friend Wendy was quickly brought to tears over what we saw. Women and men going inside the abortion facility to kill their late term babies by having them delivered prematurely. There were also women arriving to have their smaller infants mangled and killed (sorry, but that's what abortion does).

When we called out to them, 14-year-old Brianna came right over with her mother "Pam". Both Brianna and her mom seemed in shock that they were even there at a place of death. They told us that Brianna was about 6 weeks pregnant. Wendy spoke to Brianna with such love and concern, saying "There is a way for this baby." I spoke to Brianna about adoption and assured her that we had a network of amazing people that actually cared about her, about her mother and her pre-born baby.

Brianna is shy. She stared down at the ground most of the time and didn’t speak much. I told Brianna: "It will take a strong woman to carry this baby full term," and added, "Brianna, something tells me that you are strong-willed." Brianna broke into a beautiful smile, revealing a mouth full of braces. Her mom Pam spoke up: “Oh yes, she is!”

I asked if they would be willing to give us their phone number to follow up with them and they said yes! Brianna and her mom left with information about a local crisis pregnancy center, and hopefully a changed mind and heart.

Update: August 3, 2005
A week went by and then two. I called Brianna and her mom a few times and left messages but they never returned my calls. This morning I finally got a call! It was Brianna's mom. I was delighted! Brianna is still pregnant and wants her baby. Pam is being strong for her daughter and her gestating grandbaby. She explained that they just found out that Brianna has gonorrhea and they can’t afford to have her treated.It will take a several weeks until Medicaid kicks in, and they are having financial difficulty. Pam asked: "Can you help us?" I responded with an enthusiastic "YES!!!"

I have arranged for Brianna to receive free medical care but Brianna and her mom may have some needs in the future. Would you be willing to send a tax deductible donation for our Sanctuary Tampa ministry? Even if it’s just $5, we can use it for Brianna or another local girl that we personally know and are helping.

Please send your tax deductible donation to:

Covenant Presbyterian Church
PO Box 309
Goldenrod, FL 32733
Attn: Sharon Leigh

Kindly make the check out to Sanctuary Ministries BUT make sure you mark in the memo section "for Tampa Ministry".

We'd like you to know that when one of the moms we reach has a need, we do not hand cash to anyone. We usually pay the need directly (for example: If they need an electric bill paid, we pay the bill directly to the electric company or the doctor is paid directly, etc).

Will you prayerfully consider supporting Sanctuary Ministries Tampa on a regular basis?"

Dude, if a hundred of us send five bucks, that's five hundred bucks. I'm sending a fiver. I know Patte personally, and the money will go where she says it will.

Will you join me in helping Brianna, her mom and her little one? What a courageous girl. She's 14, and she has decided to take responsibility for the child she helped to bring into being. That's hopeful.

:: ashli 11:32 PM # ::

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